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What Are The Flabbergasting Features Of Custom Toy Boxes That Provokes The Customers To Splurge?

by janeausten
It proves that the toy industry is a whopping billion-dollar market for a reason. For decades custom toy box have been the most popular and engaging items for toddlers and kids worldwide. The craze for playing with things is never-ending, from Lego to nerf guns and barbies.
Undoubtedly colorful, adventurous, and exciting toys are a ticket to plummeting profit. It attracts, convinces, and makes the kids fall in love with the toy. And next, what parents and onlookers witness is pretty obvious. Yes, the kids throw themselves on the floor and demand their new partner in crime.
But the toy alone is not the triggering factor. The toy box packaging wins the spotlight. The truth is the toy is packed inside the box. The first element that hooks the infant is the toy box. Therefore the manufacturers pay heed to the packaging details more than ever.

Let us take a look at the prominent characteristics of toy boxes.

  1. It serves as a visual bomb for the kids.
  2. Captivating boxes surprises and drives the infants crazy
  3. High-quality boxes provide excellent protection for all kinds of toys
  4. Perfect for packing, wrapping, and dropping different-sized toys
  5. Best for holding heavy to lightweight toys (dolls, cars, stuff toys, puzzles)
  6. No damage to the stuff during shipment, loading, and unloading
  7. Eco-fabulous boxes for toddlers
  8. Custom printed toy boxes are ideal for inscribing warning and safety labels.

Is It Possible For Brands To Capitalize On Ecologically Friendly Toy Boxes Wholesale?

  • Safe, sustainable, and proper size custom game boxes with logos are good to go!
  • Do you aim to prove your mettle in the cutthroat market? Focus on the sustainability aspect of boxes
  • Use cardboard and kraft for displaying and shipping the children’s toys
  • A big NO for plastic and clamshells
  • Pick the perfect-sized box for wrapping, delivering, and displaying the toys.
  • Avoid overloaded and irrelevant designs.
  • Add colors, variation, and creativity to the boxes
Win the parent’s vote bank and mention the perks of environmentally safe boxes. It upscales your standing and performance in the global market. Plus, your brand hogs the limelight on social media handles for all the good reasons

How Can Brands Win The Marketing Battle With Upgraded Toy Box Packaging?

The demand for toy boxes wholesale is forever. The annual revenue of the top toy companies is billions of dollars.
It is evident that the top guns can’t survive without customized packaging. It serves as oxygen and keeps their business on the run. The more the toys item, the more the need for boxes. Both are inseparable from each other.
On top of that, companies acquire an advantageous position when they opt for wholesale boxes. Check out the following.
  • It provides ample backup boxes for the future.
  • Bulk quantity packaging guarantees a hassle-free process
  • There is no stumbling block in dispatching the timely orders
  • The market is always full of your brand’s toys boxes
  • Companies get special rates for toy packaging wholesale
  • Privileged and top-notch packaging services from the supplier
The amazing part? Overall it is a beautiful initiative for the green movement. We at ICustomBoxes vouch for less traveling and more productivity.
That’s why the global packaging supplier encourages the companies to purchase wholesale. Less fuel, less pollution, and skyrocketing profits. And yeah, the green planet too!

How Custom Printed Toy Boxes Enhance The Character And Vibe Of The Toys?

Okay, we know that robust packaging magnetizes the kids. That’s cool. But that doesn’t undermine the role of informative packaging/
Custom-printed toy boxes are a must to ensure the child’s safety. The warning labels are of paramount importance. For example, if the toy is not for the 0-3 age group, use the age warning logo. It consists of red and white color with a grumpy child’s face. Toys that contain small balls or parts have high choking hazards.
Apart from this, also mention the usage and assembly of the toy on the boxes. Print engaging images and descriptions of toys to attract customers. The packaging needs to sync with the item, whether a racing car or a barbie doll.
And for that, color selection wins the top spot. It is unfair to wrap a barbie doll in a black box and a sports car in a purple box. It doesn’t sound right!
Lastly, toy companies can hit the jackpot with the correct visual representation of the toys. Unfortunately, a misleading image is a big disaster for the brand’s reputation. And ultimately it brings down the popularity chart and the sales too.

Create Chef -D’oeuvre Toy Packaging With Our Unique Box-Style Library!

All toys are heaven. Some are manually operated, while the rest are battery driven. They are poles apart in their functionality, designs, and shapes.
Hence it requires distinct custom toy packaging for all.
Come on, it’s time we dig into our phenomenal box styles
  • Two-piece box
  • Toy boxes with window
  • Reverse tuck end
  • Gable boxes
  • Tray and sleeve style
Connect with our team members and get your hands on our outclass designs.

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