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A Comprehensive Guide To Laser Hair Removal

by janeausten
A Comprehensive Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Waxing, tweezing, razors, and hair-removing creams all occupy us all the time. Removing hair with a razor is painless, but it brings hair back faster, and ingrown hair comes along with it. Waxing, on the other hand, is a painful procedure for hair removal. Needless to say, it consumes a lot of money every 2-3 weeks. Furthermore, waxing is the worst way of hair removal for people with sensitive skin as it causes irritation and rashes. Laser hair removal is a nearly painless procedure providing long-lasting results with minimal side effects. Getting laser hair removal done by a renowned plastic surgeon in Dubai and near you, having skills and knowledge in using lasers, can decrease the potential side effects of laser hair removal.

Whether it’s a party, family gathering, or a day out with friends, removing hair can be a mess and making haste can result in cuts and scars if you shave. Likewise, hair removal creams can cause infections and rashes, especially if on sensitive areas. Laser hair removal is a safe and dermatologically recommended procedure for getting rid of unwanted hair.

This article will contain key details about the laser hair removal procedure, which will help candidates ponder on getting the treatment and reach a final decision.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

During the procedure, the laser emits a beam of light that is absorbed by pigments and transferred into heat, targeting the hair follicle. As a result, it reduces hair growth in future. Furthermore, lasers come in different types. Diode lasers show results for both light and dark skin people. Alexandrite is more suitable for large areas, and Nd: YAG laser suits all skin types.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The time varies from person to person. People with thick hair will take longer. Likewise, large areas will take more time than small areas. For an estimate, a facial laser takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes, and other body areas (legs, arms, and back) take approximately an hour.

What Is The Lasting Time?

Laser hair removal is permanent if it damages the hair follicle. If it destroys them, hair tends to grow back, but it takes months or years to grow. The time varies from person to person. It depends on your hair growth cycle. Some people get their hair back quicker than others. Nevertheless, regrown hair will be lighter than what they were before. Consultation with a certified dermatologist will help you make a decision.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

The laser hair removal procedure is for everyone except for pregnant women and those having a certain skin condition. Having said that, people with dark hair are ideal candidates for the treatment because the dark hair pigment and color perfectly absorb the laser light. Undoubtedly, people with dark and thick hair are ideal candidates, but they will need more sessions to get desired results.

How Many Sessions Are Needed For Removing Hair Permanently?

Hair grows in three stages, and you will need multiple sessions to completely destroy them. Hair does not grow equally at every stage. The laser light targets hair follicles that are in the first stage only. Unfortunately, follicles in stages two and three are immune to laser light. That is why it takes multiple sessions to target all hair, and you will feel a noticeable reduction with each session.

A thorough consultation with a dermatologist will let you estimate the sessions you will require to get excellent results.

Does Hair Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal?

As said above, the results of laser hair removal depend on the hair growth cycle and whether all follicles reach the first stage and get destroyed. In most cases, results are permanent unless you have hormonal issues. If hair grows back, it will be lighter in quantity and color.

What Makes Laser Hair Removal Better Than Other Alternatives?

You must have got answers to all concerned questions by now. Let’s discuss in detail what makes laser hair removal better than other methods.

1.       It’s Painless

Unlike wax, laser hair removal is painless. You will feel slight discomfort, but it’s completely bearable and way less than the pain of wax. Furthermore, wax and razors cause ingrown hair, whereas laser hair removal has no such side effects.

2.       Cost Effective In A Longer Run

Imagine spending money on spas for waxing every three weeks and the amount you spend on razors. Laser hair removal has a high cost but allows you to save money in the longer run.

3.       Promising Results

All hair removal tools we use do not guarantee hair reduction or permanent removal. However, the laser hair removal procedure aims to achieve smooth and hairless skin with no ingrown hair. However, getting your case done by a certified professional is essential to get wonderful results. Laser hair removal Dubai procedures are recommended by dermatologists because Dubai has become a hub of cosmetic treatment and has skilled professionals providing top-quality results.

In all, laser hair removal is a proven treatment to get flawless and hairless skin. Many patients reported enjoying permanent results making it an ideal procedure to get rid of unwanted hair.

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