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What Wood Makes A Good Cane?

by janeausten

What Wood Makes A Good Cane?

Walking sticks are one of the most exciting and rewarding projects you could undertake as a woodworker. There are many kinds of wood that you can use to make walking sticks. The trick is to choose the type of wood that best suits your purpose.

Required Tools for Cutting a Blank

A small saw is best: the folding wood saws are the best

Use a small shovel, spade, or knife to access root knobs. Root knobs make great handles, especially when it comes to blackthorn sticks. Cherry bark oak, the pignut hickory, and other North American hardwoods are possible to find if they’re not already in your area.

Most oak and hickory can make strong walking sticks. Birch, ironwoods, black cherries, ash, and maple make for solid and rigid woods. While some exotic hardwoods may resist bending in some instances, their weight or price can reduce their appeal.

Heavyweight Hardwoods

If weight is not an issue, most varieties of hickory ironwood and Birch are solid and make great walking sticks. Like oak, oak is solid and heavy. Black locust branches make for healthy choices and are very resistant to decay. Honey locust branches are weaker than other options and can bear sharp, thorny thorns. Persimmon has a strong structure but is heavy and susceptible to decay.

What wood is strongest to use for a walking stick?

Hardwoods make the best walking sticks. It is possible to cut wood to the desired length. Multiplication of branches and density of foliage make wood knottier. They also tend to strengthen the fibers. The fibers are very resilient and robust once dried.

Instead of one wood being the strongest for making a walking stick, we should discuss the most robust wood depending upon its origin. Latitudes make Beech the most common wood used for walking sticks.

Hazel is famous for walkers who want a light, strong wood with an exciting sheen. It is known for its strength as well as durability. It’s suitable for people who are tall or obese. It can be pretty tricky to work with. It is strong and can be used to make lighter sticks.

Blackthorn, because of its slow growth rate, is solid and dense. However, it is easy to work with, making it very popular with carvers and manufacturers. Ironwood & Ebony, typically sourced in tropical countries, can be dense and strong. These woods can be used for the most durable walking cane sticks. However, they can be hard to work with, and it is common for carvers not to have a few tools broken while using them.

How to Choose the Best Wood?

We are often asked this question. Is it dense or light? Are you looking to buy the best wood available or something affordable? Wood is not an unchanging, static commodity. Wood is a living and breathing material that can be personalized to suit your needs. Collectors know how many wood varieties there are. And when you add our knack for designing beautiful, functional walking sticks and walking canes to that mix, the average collector will have more choices than he or her lifetime can handle.

What is a Walking Stick Made From?

You have many options when it comes to making walking cane sticks. Aluminum is often used to make mobility aids. Its lightweight and relative strength are reasons why aluminum is so popular. However, walking sticks of the past were made from wood for a reason. Canes still use wood to significant effect.

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