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Improve your quality of sleep with these

by janeausten

You may have heard the term, “quality over quantity”. It is true in the case of your sleep schedule. The quality of sleep matters a lot because it refreshes your mind, and body, and prepares you for the next day. If you do not get a good night’s sleep you may end up feeling exhausted and groggy the next day. It may be hard for you to concentrate and get your day’s work done. That is why here are a few things you can do to improve the quality of sleep. 

Invest in a good bed

Buy a bed that is appropriate to your size and height. Ensure you have ample space to sleep even when you are stretching. If you are constantly under the impression you’re going to fall, then you will have disturbed sleep and you will keep waking up with a jolt. Invest in a bed that you can use without any hassle. Do not forget to get a good headboard that is fashionable and also cushions your head if you bump it. If you wish to have the ultimate comfort, then invest in a bed with a foundation that has sprung. 


The mattress is one of the important touchpoints for good quality of sleep. It should support your back and still be soft and not uncomfortable. The bed mattress should not lose shape after some use or be too springy. A good mattress ensures your back doesn’t hurt when you wake up. 

Bed linen

Bed linen is what your body touches when you are sleeping. Good quality bedsheet can give you the satisfaction of sleeping on a crisp sheet. A good duvet cover hugs the duvet properly and isn’t rough on your skin and is made up of breathable material. The best material for bed linen is 100 percent cotton. A mattress protector is the most underrated bed linen. Most people skip this crucial part of their bedding. The mattress protector stops any stains and spills on the surface and does not let the mattress get dirty. It is easier to wash than the mattress and hence very useful. At the same time, it provides a layer between the uneven quilted layer of the mattress and you, giving you more comfort and better sleep. 

Blackout curtains

You may think that you don’t need blackout curtains because you rarely sleep during the day. However, blackout curtains keep out any light from outside including street lights or lights from other houses. This allows complete darkness in the room and a better balance for you to sleep. If you work during odd hours, then blackout curtains are a must for you to maintain the sanctity of your bedroom and allow no light to pass through. 


When you are about to sleep, ensure you do not have many lights on and have very dim lights in the room. Bright lights can have the opposite effect and stop you from having a sound sleep. Get smaller lamps or wall-mounted fixtures that emit the soft light. If you like to read before sleeping, then you can get reading lights fixed. 

Use these tips for better quality sleep and a better day! 

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