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12 Surprising Facts About Bomb Cake & Piñata Cake

by janeausten
Bomb Cake & Piñata Cake

Cake has now become the perfect dessert for all special occasions, wherever it is a birthday, marriage anniversary, marriage function, or any other occasion. That is why the variety of cakes is seen in the markets, due to the high demand for cakes in bakeries; bakeries are doing many experiments to make the cake beautiful.

The best example of that experiment is the bomb cake and the piñata cake, which adds to the charm of your ceremony and makes your moment special. So, let’s discuss 13 surprising facts about bomb cake & piñata cake. But, first, we have to know what is bomb cake & piñata cake.

What Is Bomb Cake?

It is basically a cake which is covered with a sell, and it has an explode pin. When you light it, it will open up, and the cake inside the bomb will pop up. It is popular nowadays between Childers and youngsters, the creation of the cake is really amazing which makes you surprised. You will feel a little scared like a real bomber because the design of the cake is like a real bomb.

What Is Piñata Cake?

Piñata cake is also a shell-based cake that is filled with twist treats that are tasty and edible. It could be some wafers, gems, cake bombs, or a cake inside the shell of the cake, which will make you surprised when you break it. You will get a wooden hammer with it from which you can break the cake. The shell of the cake is made with chocolate layers which are also edible.

Amazing Facts About The Bomb Cake And Piñata Cake

Here we will discuss some amazing facts about the Bomb cake and the Piñata cake, which you can really try on your upcoming occasions. That will really add glory to your occasion and make it memorable.

  1. It is the best creation in the bakery world which proves that you can make a revolution in cake through art; it is basically a combination of food and art and perfect experimentation.
  2. Bomb cake and Piñata cake is not only a dessert; it is also a perfect example of artwork where you can enjoy the delicious cake with a lot of enthusiasm.
  3. It is popular nowadays on social media, where people share their moments and experiments with the bomb cake and piñata cake.
  4. It is available in different flavours, so you can choose your best one; it is available in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc.
  5. It is available online, and you can also buy it from a bakery shop, like if you are living in Bangalore. You can easily search for cake delivery in Bangalore, and you will get various options where you can find the bomb cake and piñata cake in your city.
  6. Bomb cake has an artificial shell that is not edible, but the shell of the piñata cake is made with a thin chocolate layer so you can enjoy the outer part with the inner filling.
  7. But you have to remember that the bomb cake and piñata cake is not available in every bakery shop. You can buy them from only reputable bakery shops in your city.
  8. It is a little more expensive than other cakes, but it also has the power to increase the extent of your surprise.
  9. So if you want to do special experiments to increase your happiness, you should try bomb cake and piñata cake on occasion, because the box inside it is really full of happiness.
  10. Chocolates, wafers, gems, chocolate balls, nut balls, cakes, and many more items fill the Bomb cake and the Piñata cake, which will really amaze you.
  11. Many actors and actresses also tried these cakes, and their reviews were also good about this cake, so you can try them.
  12. This is also the best way to surprise someone on their birthday by giving it to them that surprise will really amaze them.


Here we have discussed some amazing facts about the bomb cake and piñata cake which you have really tried, and that will surely enhance your enthusiasm. If you are planning to surprise someone you can also try these special cakes by gifting them, on their momentous occasion to make their occasion memorable and beautiful.

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