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The business plan

by janeausten

Many people would rather do something than write about it. Sitting down and putting your idea into chapters and tables takes a lot of patience and self-discipline. But it has to be for the business plan!

Why is the business plan so important?

Because of its external impact. The business plan is your company’s calling card. Just as you convince and inspire your customers with your products and services, you must also convince and inspire your investors and partners of your idea and your company – especially if you don’t know each other yet. The oral presentation is not enough. A written concept is almost always expected and is often even a prerequisite for an initial personal interview.

The business plan is also important internally

for your company and for you as an entrepreneur. Anyone who has made a business plan must have really thought through and understood their idea and its implementation: ideas have become concrete specifications and steps for the entire operational process, time milestones, and amounts. The concept has thus become objectifiable and verifiable: for you and for others, e.g. future investors. By comparing planning and reality, the business plan becomes a management and leadership tool for your company and qualifies it to the outside world.

It also follows from this that it has to be updated from time to time: because of changes in the concept because the target/actual comparison requires a correction (this will also happen again and again!) or simply as an update over time.

Put yourself in the shoes of the reader!

Eg an investor: in addition to the expected return, he first wants to understand what you are planning, what you want from him, and whether his commitment is worthwhile. As a rule, he does not know your technology and your market as well as you do: do not make access too difficult for the reader (attention – technicians!). In the business plan, focus on

product strengths

customer benefit

unique selling propositions

technological advantage

market growth

With this, you have to underpin the sales and earnings expectations as well as the company grows so that a coherent concept emerges.

Describe the management and its strengths in detail. Show how you can eliminate any existing weaknesses and where you want to strengthen your team.

Underpin the capital requirements with sales, earnings, and liquidity planning. Describe specifically and conclusively what you intend to use the funds for.

You want to inspire and convince the reader of your business plan at the same time: convince them with professionalism and a concrete, coherent presentation of the procedure and planning. Inspire with optimistic and at the same time realistic corporate goals and visions.

What should the business plan look like?

Of course, this depends on your specific company or project. However, a general table of contents can give you an indication of what should be included in the business plan. That doesn’t mean that every point listed there actually has to appear in your business plan – that of course depends on the project.

Many of our clients find it particularly difficult with financial planning. Here we support you with our planning tool, which has proven to be the ideal planning aid in many financing projects. It provides you with clear and detailed sales, earnings and liquidity plans and is available to you as a planning tool even after our consultation has ended.

Where can we help you with this?

Three things are particularly important for drawing up an enthusiastic and convincing business plan (provided the business concept is right): experience, time, and feedback. Of course, we cannot provide you with the business idea, the company data, and the planning in full – but we can provide you with experience, time, and feedback:

Experience and knowledge of what is important, how to close open flanks of the corporate concept, and how to optimize and optimally present your project

Time for a joint discussion with you, but also for layout, formulating texts and creating tables and graphics and open, competent, and critical feedback before others discover possible weaknesses

Also, read the planning process

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