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How To Install Kali Linux On Android. Walkthrough 2022

by janeausten
How To Install Kali Linux On Android. Walkthrough 2022

How To Install Kali Linux On Android. Walkthrough 2022

Here we will tell you how to install kali Linux on android. If you want to use Kali Linux on your Android phone but don’t know how to do it, all you need to do is read this post completely and you will get some simple steps to do it.

And how do I use the Kali Linux tools from my Android phone? We will explain this too, the coolest thing is that you won’t have to root your phone.

How to install Kali Linux on Android

Since we know it’s annoying for you to have to read unnecessary stuff to get to where you really need to be found, here are the instructions that will tell you how to install Kali Linux on Android. Follow the steps in order and you will see that you will get the desired results. Be careful:

Step 1: 

First of all, you need to download these three apps on your phone. The applications are free and safe:

Step 2: After installing all three apps, first open Linux, and you too Control Panel. Once the dashboard is open, you will see three options:

  1. Click on the first option to CHOOSE and select the kali.
  2. Then click the COPY button and copy the given command.
  3. And then hit the THROW option to start the termux.

Step 3: 

After opening the terminal, you can paste the copied command there and run it. This process will take some time, as will your data. Then, when the whole process is done, type ./script start-kali. sh and run this command to start Kali Linux.

Step 4: 

After starting Kali Linux, your Linux terminal opens. Here you can use the Linux cat / etc / os-release command, to check the Kali Linux version. You will now be able to use Kali Linux on your Android phone.

But let me tell you that you will not find the Linux pre-installation tools here, so you will have to install all the tools manually as per your choice. Regardless of the steps, we have seen above, we have installed a command-line operating system.

But most people have a lot of problems using this type of system. So, to make this GUI OS, we will follow other steps. After that, you can run Kali Linux OS as a desktop on your phone. Some others to make this OS a GUI

Step 5: Use Kali Linux GUI, first open the Linux application, and their open the desktop settings. 

Follow a few steps:

  1. Click on the first option, CHOOSE and select Kali.
  2. Then click on the second option, CHOOSE and select xfce4 for the desktop environment.
  3. Now copy the given command.
  4. Then start the termux to press the LAUNCH button
    .Step 6: After running termux, paste the copied command into the termux shell file and it will take some time to create the Kali Linux environment. You will be prompted to set the keyboard layout and password after setup is complete. After that, the full configuration will be installed.

Step 7:
 Now open VNC Viewer and launch it. Create a new connection, you will be asked for your address and name. In the address field, you will enter local host: 1 and the name that you can change as you wish.

Step 8:
 Now it will take some time and you will see the startup window of your Kali Linux setup. Now you can have fun!

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