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Enhance Team Readiness with these 10 Sales Training Ideas

by janeausten

Nowadays, the sales profession is no more the same as it used to be a few years back. Sales Professionals have to deal with customers who are not only tech-savvy but are quite educated about different types of products and services. The online platform has made it possible for customers to compare products and services from different providers and then make a buying decision. With the growing customer awareness, organizations can no more rely upon their old-school sales training ideas. You will know more about the top 10 sales training ideas in this article.

Enhance Team Readiness with these 10 Sales Training Ideas

  1. Incorporation of Assessment

Organizations expect that their sales personnel are ready to work in the market immediately after finishing their sales training. But, organizations often do not get the desired results. The ultimate focus of the sales enablement leaders should not be just finishing the course by the sales representatives, but they should also encourage the process of assessment so that the trainees have better training engagement, retention of knowledge, and market readiness. The assessment can be done by-

  • Checking of knowledge through end-of-training tests or quizzes
  • Simulation using role-playing  
  • Creating groups for solving real-life cases

2. Incorporating win/loss report in the training

Unless the sales representatives are given real-life problems to resolve, they may not be able to implement the knowledge they have acquired during a sales training program. As a trainer, you have to encourage knowledge sharing in your company. In the training modules, you can include the sales deals that were closed successfully and the cases that could not be closed. You can talk to the sales representative who has handled the won/lost deal to find out the challenges they face, the steps they took to get the commitment from the customer, and why did they choose one solution over other alternatives. This will help in the identification of best practices and different types of challenges. 

3. Encourage Peer Learning

During a sales training program, there is enough reason to harness the goodness of peer learning. In a training program, new or little-experienced sales professionals can benefit from the experiences of veteran professionals in this field.  Their experiences could be transformed into case studies and used as training materials. Learning from experienced peers helps sales professionals of all experience levels and ages. Using the best practices of veteran (existing or ex-employees) sales professionals of the organization would enrich the sales training content. The content could also be in the form of tips, tricks, or video conversations.

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4. Reverse role play

As a sales enablement expert, you should focus on the buyer’s perspective in the sales training module. Whether the training is meant for the freshly recruited employees or the existing ones, the needs and challenges of the buyers should be a prominent part of the training program. Whether by outlining the practical ways to engage buyers or by sharing persuasion techniques to help buyers enter into a decision cycle, you have to force the sales representatives to think on the line of their buyers. Only when the sales representative can put themselves into the buyer’s feet they will be able to close a deal convincingly.  

5. Focus on Industry Trends and News

It is important for the sales representatives to get acquainted with the recent industry trends. The sales force of an organization should be continuously tutored about the changing customer’s needs, their expectation, the latest products, etc. Industry data, news articles, and relevant research articles must be made the part of the sales training session. Salespersons attending the training session must review these data, articles, or industry news in detail to get prepared well. At the end of the training, there can be a quiz session to evaluate the knowledge of trainees.  Read more such articles on marketfobs.

6. Diverse workforce

A sales training module will be effective only if it is designed keeping in mind the diverse workforce in an organization. Every individual aims at a different career path. Some sales executives may later shift to a different job profile such as an account manager or an account executive and some may continue into the sales and marketing career. The skills needed for an account executive is different from a senior sales manager. The training modules must focus on common skills needed by all sales representatives and which could help them in future even if they choose a different career path. Companies also use tools like sales crm and customer service crm to nurture and convert their leads. 

7. Elevator Pitch 

Incorporation of an elevator pitch in a sales training module is a must. The salespeople hardly get any time to create an impression on their clients, especially when they are in a conference or on calls. Sales professionals have to be at their best during the initial 30 seconds. This short and perfect elevator pitch can make or break a sales deal. During the sales training session, you must present a universal elevator pitch to your trainees. Based on their personality, there may be changes in this universal elevator pitch but each one of them must follow the basic guidelines in order to close a sales deal successfully. 

8. Handling of objections

Closing any sales deal is not an easy task. A sales representative has to convince the buyer completely in order to finalize a deal. While describing a product or service, the sales representatives have to face many objections from the prospective buyers. They get responses like “the product is very expensive”, “we are not going to exchange the current gadget right now”, “I am happy with my current service provider”, etc. A sales training must have micro-modules designed to discuss these objections and practice the techniques to handle them. There can be brainstorming sessions in the sales training program to find effective solutions to handle different kinds of objections from the buyers. 

9. Encourage Pre-boarding

The Pre-boarding technique is used by various organizations where they are providing training to the recruits even before they have joined the organizations.  Pre-boarding helps prepare the sales representative better by completing the basic sales training before joining the organization. Unlike traditional on boarding of new employees, pre-boarding helps in saving valuable time and accelerates the productivity of a sales team. The sales representative who has attended a pre-board training is ready to sell from the first day of joining. 

10. Use external expertise

Conducting in-house sales training sessions by the existing veterans in the organizations may not lead to the desired change in the working of the sales force in an organization. It is advisable that organizations should also hire external experts in this field to train their sales workforce. External trainers can enrich the sales force with a different view of the industry. The training sessions can be arranged within the organization where industry leaders or experienced consultants are hired. Salespeople can also attend workshops or conferences that are arranged outside by experts. They also share some valuable business tips

Enhance Team Readiness with these 10 Sales Training Ideas :Conclusion

In-house sales training of an organization is generally conducted by an expert sales enablement manager or an external consultant. The sales trainers can incorporate the above discussed ideas in the sales training sessions or workshops to make their team members conversant with the latest market trends and customer expectations. This ultimately increases the confidence of sales representatives and boosts overall sales. 

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