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How To Create SEO-Friendly Blog Post – 7 Actionable Tips 

by janeausten

Many of you pondered about how to improve the blog ranking on the search engines like Google or Bing. For this, you have to learn SEO writing to optimize your blogs for SEO and get consistent traffic and increase your search ranking. SEO services company helps in preparing blog posts by optimizing the website for better search engine ranking and visibility.

So, the question is what is SEO writing? It is the process of creating content that aims to rank on the first page of Google or different search engines. This writing involves keyword researching, creating high-quality content as per users’ demands, and generating attention-grabbing headers to attract more readers.

Once the understanding of SEO writing is developed, it is now the right time to learn the 7 actionable tips to create SEO-friendly blogs.

Tips To Create SEO-Friendly Blogs

Here you are going to read almost 7 tips to create SEO-friendly blogs with ease.

Think before you type

The phrase “Think before you speak” is the most common axiom that tells you to examine your words before you communicate with others. It lets you choose the best words to tell your feelings and emotions to clearly express your intentions to others. Likewise, when it comes to writing, you have “Think before you type.” It helps you to think more about your motive and what message you want to convey to your leads. It even gives you the central answer to the question your audience wants and stuck you with the core aim of creating a blog post.

Create blog outline

The second most important part of your blog writing is the blog outline. It means you need to structure your blog into different sections to determine what elements are important to mention in it. So, keep in mind that your blog need post divided into three sections:

  • Introduction part – Little bit of introduction about your topic 
  • Main body – The whole topic would cover in this section 
  • Concluding paragraph – The summary of your main idea 

When you divided your blog post into three different sections, this will help you in creating a readable and structured blog post. For instance, you are learning how to make a Wikipedia page, you need to create a blog post outline to make interesting, engaging, and worthy content by dividing it into sections.

Must Use transition words

Add transition words to your content. Many of you asked why adding transition words, so these words engage readers and thoroughly understand the relationship between paragraphs and sentences. Suppose you have to mention reasons why people buy your products, you can use words like firstly, secondly, or finally to give them a clear image of your brand services. Words like the final verdict, sum up, or bottom line is used to give readers the impression of concluding words or paragraph. In simple words, transition words are imperative to properly structured your blog post.

Do not forget to add keywords

Do you think stuffing keywords in your blog post make your content attractive? Then the answer is No. It makes your content boring, contrived, and unnatural which might hurt the Google ranking. Bear in mind that Google is getting smarter. And if you want to create content your users love, so focus on using relevant and competitive keywords. Try to add keywords in a natural and genuine tone. Use SEO tools to find the right keywords your competitors are using. You need to use high-intent keywords to get more chances of ranking on the Google SERPs.

Make human-readable content

One of the simple tricks to create SEO-optimized content is to try to create human-readable content rather than search engine content. The best way to get yourself on snippet features is by creating thorough and research content, organizing subheaders, generating scannable content, and do not forget to add visuals. While creating content, keep your buyer persona in your mind to overcome content creation challenges. Knowing their interest will help you to address your customer pain point more clearly and undoubtedly.

Optimize your content for snippet feature  

Do you want to optimize your content for the snippet feature? Then add a meta description in your blog post. Those who don’t pay attention in adding keywords in a meta description; they are not showing more concern about their blog and restrict the exposure. The meta description is another element that Google used to determine search ranking. And, it lets you in content optimization at snippet feature.

Add alt text to images

Another thing you need to consider for SEO blog writing is to add images to your blog by considering ALT text. This text describes what is happening in a photo you add to your blog and help Google to determine why this photo is present in your blog. These images are another way that improves your SEO blog post ranking on SERPs.

A Final Verdict

At last, keep in mind that for SEO “content is the king.” It helps in improving brand awareness and building brand credibility worldwide. The days are gone when SEO tricks were enough to get your website on top search results. You need to create premium content with interesting visuals to make your content attractive and readable. You can even add links to maximize the SEO friendliness of your blog post. And check out the above-mentioned tips to end up with highly engaging SEO-friendly blogs.

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