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The 5 Best Product of MRF Cricket Bat

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If you’re an avid cricket fan and are looking for a new bat to enhance your game, look no further than the MRF Cricket Bat. This brand has been associated with cricket in India for over 30 years and is a top sponsor of some of the world’s best batsmen. Today, the MRF brand is an authorized distributor in the United States and Canada. The Genius Limited Edition and Chase Master MRF Cricket Bats are two examples of this brand’s latest and greatest products.

Sachin Tendulkar’s original MRF Cricket Bat

Initially, MRF was known as a tyre manufacturing company but in the early 1990’s, it branched out into a wide variety of sports equipment and the MRF Cricket Bat was a huge hit with Tendulkar. The MRF Cricket Bat was a sponsor of Tendulkar’s and became synonymous with the legend. The MRF Cricket Bat was also used by many other famous players, including Steve Waugh and Brian Lara. Today, MRF’s products are used by many top cricketers, including Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, and Prithvi Shaw.

The MRF Cricket Bat features f7 massive countered edges that are shaped according to Sachin’s specifications. Unlike many other bats on the market, the MRF Cricket Bat is heavy – it weighs over three pounds – which makes it one of the heaviest bats in existence. This makes it a very good option for players who want to play long hours in the field.

English willow MRF Cricket Bat

Using the latest in technology, MRF Cricket Bats are made of English willow. They have edges that are approximately 38 to 40mm in length, the standard for a professional cricket bat. These bats are made with grade A English willow that has been naturally compressed. The result is a bat that’s the lightest in class while maintaining the ultimate in player control. Read on to discover the benefits of MRF Cricket Bats.

The MRF Legend VK18 English Willow Cricket Bat is a superbly balanced bat, crafted with the latest technology. This bat is endorsed by charismatic South African batsman AB De Villiers. It features a thick edge in the drive zone, a nicely polished handle, a big 24mm plus toe and a high spine with 7-8 paralleled grains. It is made in India, so it’s guaranteed to last for many years.

Genius Limited Edition MRF Cricket Bat

The MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat Red is endorsed by Indian superstar batsman Virat Kohli. The bat is crafted from the highest quality English willow to the same exacting standard as those used by pro players. The classic midblade sweetspot, big edges and shoulders, square toe, and clean pickup are all hallmarks of this model. Virat Kohli has been using this model for the past three years and it has been a hit with both batting and bowling teams.

Made from premium English willow, the MRF Genius Limited Edition Cricket Bat is crafted with the latest technology to deliver optimal balance and stroke. It features a lighted weight and a balanced handle. It also comes with a bat cover and fiber tape for added grip. They made to last and will stand the test of time. It is a great choice for any cricket player and is guaranteed to impress.

Genius Chase Master MRF Cricket Bat

Virat Kohli endorses the MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat Red, which is crafted from top-notch English willow. Its construction is designed to the same standards as those used by pro players. It features a classic midblade sweetspot, big shoulders and edges, a square toe and a clean pickup. Virat Kohli has been using the MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat Red for years, so you know the bat will be up to the task.

The MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket Bat Red is a top-quality English willow bat designed for the style of cricket played by India’s superstar batsman Virat Kohli. Its sweet spot is large and has a hump in the center of the sweet spot for a classic feel. Its flat toe and clean pickup make it a great choice for beginners and advanced players alike.

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