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7 Step Guide to Develop Content Marketing Strategy for A Business

by janeausten

Do you want people to talk about your business? Imagine you are the business that is the talk of the town. For this, your gateway can be engaging content marketing. Content marketing works as the backbone of marketing. It keeps the customers engaged and is a part of your community. The results-driven are far better and long-lasting.

Some businesses do not believe in content marketing for a business. According to stats, 63% of businesses do not have a documented content marketing strategy. But over the years there is a rise in the development of content marketing and the search bars have increased to 22% for “what is content marketing”?

The competition in the market has risen due to the changing landscape of business, thus businesses are making more investments in building a strong content marketing plan. It is one of the best ways to boost a drowning business and establish a prominent business presence.

Now, let’s take a view at content marketing – the steps, benefits, and how to be consistent with it and be a successful business. Below are some steps that can be used to make content marketing for your business.

The 7 Steps to Follow for A Making Content Marketing Strategy

1. Research To Understand Audience

In your research step, take a look at who is going to see your content. It is important to know who will see, listen and engage on posts. Content is curated after taking feedback, reviews, and suggestions. These methods help in creating efficient content in targeting the audience. Be very clear in who you will be talking to, and take a look at buyers’ persona.

The pre-phase requires research on the buyer’s persona, demographic data, and customer feedback. The best set of information extracted from the research phase is to know customers’ pain points, interests, and behavioral motivators. These factors can help in a better decision in designing content marketing.

2. Have A Goal and Mission

Have defined goals to follow a straight path. Make a content marketing mission statement that is a brief to focus on points for content marketing. Typically, content marketing includes – the target audience, content to reach them, and benefits. Altogether it defines the benefits and highlights the content to be covered. In your mission to sort out the ways, you can improve revenue, make more sales, increase traffic and optimize DEO for better rankings.

3. Develop A KPI

You need to achieve your goals by making them measurable and specific. So, make a key performance indicator for content marketing strategy. When you have set a specific KPI, you can mark off the goals that have been achieved. The KPI strategy should evolve around several factors such as revue, traffic, social media metrics, and sales. You need to achieve these KPIs within a set period. Achieve as much as you can in a short period. With these factors in mind, it is important to set a budget for content marketing. You can keep an eye on the budget and see where the cost is spent.

4. See Where You Are At

Many businesses like Wikipedia page creation services have sorted content. It includes their content, blog, social media posts, webinars, etc. So, take a look at where the content is helping you out. You need to see if you are meeting your goals. To achieve the goals, the best way to do it is with content auditing.  Content auditing includes assessing, and having a deep analysis of content and how it is performing. If you know your position in the content marketing strategy, better decisions can be made.

5. Conduct A Content Audit

Auditing is what can take your content to a higher level of success. This is important whether you follow a path for your content marketing strategy or are just going on a freeway. It can benefit every part of your business. The process is just looking at deeper perspectives and making sure of how things are working and where fixtures are needed.

6. Build social media Where Audience Are

Social media can do what no platform can ever do. It has risen above all the mediums of marketing and sits among the top positions in marketing channels. If you want to be a prominent and bestselling business, social media is the best tool. Identify your target audience and find where they spend their time most. Reach the individuals with specific interests and what platform they use the most

7. Create a content calendar

When you are establishing the idea of your content marketing strategy, make sure you have a schedule to post it. Scheduling and designing a content calendar are effective tactics for a content marketing strategy. It leads to being consistent and up-to-date. When there is a lack of planning it can result in mistakes. Thus, you can use Google Calendar and other such tools to make a content calendar.

Benefits Of Content Marketing Strategy

  • The audience sticks with the business for longer
  • An increased number of followers and presence on social media
  • It builds a strong relationship with the audience
  • A well-established SEO ranking and visibility
  • Allows to have potential fans and a robust advocate base


When you have a working content marketing strategy, it can lead you to the best results. Once you sort it, you can work on its creativity and enjoy its delights. Now, you know half of the things you need to do. Go ahead and plan a tremendous content marketing strategy in 2022.

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