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5 Common Slips to Avoid While Creating a Wikipedia Page in 2022

by janeausten

Even after reading the Wikipedia guidelines, many people make several mistakes when creating a Wikipedia page. Even the same repetitive mistakes. If you want to successfully create a Wikipedia page. To create a Wikipedia page that will meet your goals. You need to know the 5 most common mistakes people make when creating a Wikipedia page.

1. Not including citations

Wikipedia does not consider your content validity until or unless you include valid sources or citations in it. It is necessary to add valid references to your content. That is how you can increase its validity to avoid rejection. The crucial point to consider here is that your content must be from a valid academic paper as there are a lot of online resources available which are fake. But in case your content is published in any academic source such as a press article, magazine, or any authentic book then this kind of info will definitely back your claims of authenticity. Thus, it is mandatory to incorporate all the relevant and authentic citations in your content and avoid irrelevant and unauthentic information. You need to keep in mind that everything you add to your content must be authentic and can easily be verified.

2. Not taking care of plagiarized content

The most authentic and reliable source of knowledge is Wikipedia. When it comes to content creation Wikipedia does not encourage plagiarized content. If Wikipedia authorities find any kind of plagiarism in your content, then it will lead your content to speedy deletion. Wikipedia has strict policies regarding plagiarism. That is the reason why its articles stay on the top of the search engine page ranking. And why it is considered the most reliable source among people.

3. Including excess promotional content

Promotion should not be your primary goal while creating a Wikipedia page. You must create content that will help your readers too and just not simply promote your business. It is mandatory to keep your content tone natural or it must not be promotional looking. That’s how you can do several wonders. By adding unnecessary promotional content, adjectives, and descriptors, you will ultimately waste all your efforts and have nothing to show for it.

4. Make a Wikipedia article about yourself

If you make a Wikipedia article about yourself as this is highly discouraged by Wikipedia and it does not support content creation of yourself. It highly supports unbiased content and a neutral content tone. This might violate any Wikipedia policy if you make a Wikipedia article about yourself. That is why it is not recommended to create a Wikipedia article about yourself.

5. Create the content on your own

It is vital to take expert advice while creating a Wikipedia page. And creating a Wikipedia page on your own is highly discouraging. In case you take professional guidance. You will get a more reliable Wikipedia page that will definitely help you to achieve your goals. On the contrary, if you create it on your own then it will bring an element of business. So, it is essential to hire any pro-Wikipedia page creator. They must have keen knowledge about the dos and don’ts of Wikipedia.

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