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Steps To Implement During a Fire Emergency

by janeausten
Fire Emergency

To witness a building on fire or to be in a residence that is on fire is one of the worst things that you can ever experience. It is a moment that anybody is unable to help themselves promptly due to such an unexpected incident. Therefore, during this kind of situation, several measures have to be taken as this is an emergency state and everyone needs to be safe. You can and should be aware of the actions you need to follow during a fire emergency. Read ahead to find out.

Get out quickly

As soon as you notice the onset of a fire where you are, the first thing you can probably do is get out of the building as soon as possible. In addition, this is the action you can think of doing for that particular moment due to the shock that you may experience when witnessing a fire.

Make sure you inform the others as well before you leave the place. If you are unable to try contacting them by remembering to take your mobile phone while leaving the place on fire.

Turn off the burner

If the fire begins as a result of you using the stove within your household, then firstly make sure to put a lid over the burning pot or pan and turn off the burner as quickly as possible before things could get any worse.

Continue to keep the lid over the pot or pan and try to protect yourself from it, or try to reach out to someone if you will not be able to manage it on your own. Do not try to pour water or try to sprinkle some sort of kitchen products over as they can potentially increase the amount of fire.

Fire Emergency
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Contact a fire emergency service

In case of an instance where you witness another place on fire, the best help you can try to do them is to contact a fire emergency service. This is not only necessary because you have to help another person, but also when you fall into such trouble.

Hence, you need to contact Australian fire protection services to come to the rescue during such a situation. This way you can expect them to cool down the place with their extinguisher just on time and ensure everyone has been freed from the fire too.

Crawl through the smoke

Sometimes you may be stuck in a place that is on fire severely and there is no other choice but to surpass all the smoke for you to get out of the place soon. However, during such an instance it can be difficult for you to walk through the smoke as it may disrupt your breath and make it difficult for you to walk out.

Thus, instead of walking through the smoke, you can crawl through the way can help you to get some air to a certain extent when compared to walking. By doing so, you can try your best to escape the fire and be safe and sound.

Bottom line

To be in a fire emergency is something no person should ever experience, but unexpected occurrences can make an individual fall into such kind of a situation. Therefore, make sure to be aware of these guidelines that you should put into action to be safe in a hazardous situation as such.

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