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6 Tips to know before choosing Custom Printed Packaging Tape

by janeausten
Custom Printed Packaging Tape

Custom Printed Packaging Tape – As they say, shoes can tell alot about a man so a handbag can tell alot more about a woman. Undoubtedly, the purse is the only go-to attire that women always prefer to carry with them. These leather bags play an essential role in their day-to-day life. But with all these, one of the significant issues usually faced by women or men who hold the leather bag is the concern about the authenticity custom printed packaging tape

Being a consumer, their motive is to choose a leather bag that can accompany them for quite a long time. For most people, genuine leather might be the one that has durability and grains on it. Various other factors define the leather’s quality, which we will discuss below. 

After reading the fantastic article, you can become a master at choosing a beautiful handmade leather bag. 

Guide to Choose a perfect custom printed packaging tape 

The guide down below has been create from the perspective of the artisans’ point of view. Hence, the focus will 100% help you choose a handcrafted leather bag that will last long. 

1. Type of leather used in making your leather product 

One of the most crucial aspects to know when choosing a handmade leather bag is what kind of leather is use. Leather can be in the form of natural, soft or full-grain. 

You must know how the texture of the leather feel. Just running your hands over the leather will help you understand the quality of custom printed packaging tape. You can easily figure out the difference between a natural and synthetic one. Genuine, authentic leather is naturally soft compare to the poor quality, which feels thin and light. 

2. Thread Quality and stitching used in custom printed packaging tape.

Another essential thing to know about the authenticity of your leather bag is by looking at the thread and stitching used on your leather bag. It is necessary to check the finish of your bag.

The positioning of the stitching. Check whether the stitching is align in a straight line and has the proper gaps. What kind of threads are used in stitching your custom printed packaging tape. A nylon thread is an ideal one that must be use on the leather product. As compared to cotton, the nylon is stronger and has a bright shiny finish on it. 

3. Pocket and Lining in your tape 

The next thing that defines the authenticity of the handcrafted leather bag is its lining. The lining of your leather bag has to either match up with the colors of the leather or should be identical to it. 

The lining of the leather bag comes in two forms. A bag with a leather lining is much more expensive than a fabric lining custom printed packaging tape. But the fabric lining bag feels much more soft and firm, and it is light in weight as compared to the leather one. 

4. Finishing of your leather bag 

An edge finished on the leather product is a sign of authenticity. An unfinished edge on a leather product is a sign of unprofessionalism on your leather product. A leather product with the right edge finish leads to more durability and finish. Proper edging help in covering of the tiny pores on the leather, which means that it would be difficult for the moisture to seep inside the leather and damage it.

5. Design of the custom printed packaging tape 

The last but not the minor thing to take into concern at the time of choosing an authentic leather bag is knowing the design of the leather bag. From the designer’s view, there are two aspects to know: usability and functionality. Hence, it is essential to know both when purchasing an expensive leather bag. 

Talking about the design, the first thing that comes to notice is the shape and sturdiness of the bag. The number of panels used in making the bag help in making the busienss durable and more stable. The fewer panels a custom printed packaging tape has, the fewer chances it has to get ripped out.

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