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Top 9 Amazon PPC Automation Software of 2022

by janeausten
Amazon PPC automation software

Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) is a crucial tool in your Amazon advertising arsenal. It allows you to run highly targeted ads that appear in search results based on keywords that you choose.

With Amazon PPC, you can tailor your campaigns to target customers who are already searching for and interested in your products. This helps to drive traffic and sales to your listings.

Perhaps best of all, you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad. This means that you’re only paying for customers who have at least some interest in your product or brand.

Here, we have enlisted the top 10 Amazon PPC automation software that helps you to outreach the competition in less time.

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 1. Helium10

Helium10 is a popular Amazon PPC automation software. It helps you optimize your campaigns with all the features that you need to succeed, including keyword research, competitor analysis and much more. In addition, this software comes with both free and paid versions, which allows you to check the software’s functionality without spending a single penny. Once you find this tool software, you can go for a premium plan, depending on your requirements.

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another great tool for finding profitable products to sell on Amazon. It also has a free trial but requires you to pay for the full version if you want to continue using it after that trial ends. You can also use it to estimate monthly sales volume and get more information about the competition for each product. Its paid plans offer more detailed data than free plans and allow you to monitor multiple products at once — something that isn’t possible with most free tools.

3. Scale Insights

The next Amazon PPC automation software on the list is Scale Insights. It allows you to manage multiple accounts at once, analyze all of your data in one place, and get actionable insights about how to improve your campaigns. It uncovers high-converting keywords and makes them work even harder towards your advantage. Apart from this, you can also get correlations between organic sales, PPC and promotions. Real-time updates of sales, profits, advertising costs, ROI, margins, etc.

4. SellerLabs

This is a complete PPC management platform that automates all aspects of your Amazon business. From listing creation and keyword research to ad scheduling and optimization – SellerLabs has it all. The platform also comes with several features that help you analyze your competitors, including the ability to spy on their keywords, rank positions and bids.

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5. SellerApp

SellerApp is an all-in-one PPC management app for Amazon sellers that allows you to automate every aspect of your product listings, including keyword research, optimization and advertising. The tool also comes with several useful features such as keyword alerts, competitor tracking and more.

6. Trendle

Trendle is an Amazon PPC automation tool which enables you to optimize your campaigns, manage keywords and monitor the performance of your ads in real-time. In addition, it helps in identifying new profitable opportunities by making suggestions based on ROI and CPC rates.

7. Sellozo

Sellozo is an Amazon PPC automation tool that can be used to create and optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns using AI technology to determine the best keywords and bids for your products based on historical data and expected sales volume. This software also monitors all aspects of your ad campaigns and recommends changes whenever necessary.

8. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is a fully-integrated PPC management platform that helps advertisers scale their accounts more efficiently. The software automates tedious tasks such as keyword research and campaign structure optimization, allowing advertisers to focus on what matters most: generating more sales.

9. BidX

BidX is a cloud-based Amazon PPC automation software that helps you optimize your ads by automatically optimizing bids based on real-time data. The tool also tracks clicks, impressions, conversions, and ROI to understand better how your ads are performing. In addition, it integrates with Google Analytics so you can see which keywords are sending traffic to your site.

Final Verdict

Hope you find this piece of writing useful and interesting. To know more about the latest trends in Amazon PPC automation software, stay tuned!

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