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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Viscose Fabric

by janeausten
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Following cotton and polyester, viscose is claimed to be the planet’s third most common textile. Because of its smooth and compact character, it is unquestionably preferred by all producers. Viscose is a half synthetic rayon yarn created from wood fiber which is popular as a silk alternative due to its comparable drape and silky feel. It is readily coloured and woven into a variety of clothes, decorations, and even carpets. It is also less expensive than other textiles on the market. As a result, that is the first option for both customers and producers since it provides the best value for price.

It is a synthetic fabric derived from the natural material cellulose. Viscose material, commonly known as “rayon,” is an artificial silk used throughout the fashion industry. When donned, the fiber gives comfort as well as a visual gloss to garments.But due to its complex structure, buyers usually get baffled during the process of purchasing viscose fabric. Let’s take a closer look at all of the elements of viscose material that you must consider before purchasing the cloth. Once you understand all of it, it would be easy for you to purchase this item by considering all its potential characteristics.

Check For Quality 

The first thing that should be taken care of is the quality of the fabric. Viscose material is semi-synthetic, which can easily be blended with other fibers and thus you can easily get confused with pure and low quality viscose. 

Therefore, before buying a piece of viscose cloth, you should know that the material is of pure quality. The best way to identify viscose is that it appears like silk but feels like cotton.

The Purpose of Buying 

The purchase of viscose should also be done after considering the purpose of buying. It is a lightweight fabric that does not cling to the body, making it ideal for blouses and summer clothes. Because fabric does not retain heat but yet absorbs water and perspiration, viscose is great for t-shirts and sporting clothing. Nonetheless, viscose is easily coloured and formed into elaborate patterns. Because of its tensile strength, the material is appropriate for a wide range of applications.

With the viscose, you can design t-shirts, blouses, jackets, mattress protectors, curtains, and upholstered goods. Try to avoid buying this material for routine dresses as it is not easy to care for. Also, viscose is a lightweight and soft material, which makes it unsuitable for the winter season. Wool is warmer than viscose.

Care Instructions

Viscose material necessitates some special precautions after use and during washing.It can’t be washed in an ordinary way and needs dry cleaning. Spot cleaning could lead to stains. This material can stretch when wet, which would make it useless for future use. 

 If you chose viscose fabric for designing a dress, then remember to be gentle while washing it. Always use cold water and light detergent powder. To avoid stretching the item, do not spin or compress it. Rinse and brush off the excess water before hanging or laying flat to dry.

Viscose And Other Fabrics

Prior to buying viscose, you should know some basic differences between this material and other fibers. Usually, people confuse viscose with polyester and modal. But there are a few points that can differentiate between these materials. 

Polyester doesn’t shrink, but viscose does. Polyester is free from wrinkles, whereas viscose naturally has wrinkles. Modal and viscose also have various differences, like modal gets stronger when wet and doesn’t lose its shape, but not in the viscose case. 

Viscose can be described as a fabric with a rich appearance, a durable nature, and an affordable price. No doubt, viscose material is soft to the touch and can be used for everyday routines. But before buying, you should ensure all of the above points, like that viscose fiber is not easy to handle. If you are looking for pure quality viscose material, then explore Fabriclore and their collection. Here, you will get a heavy range of viscose material from plain white dyeables to kalamkari printed materials. 

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