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Different types of timetables that can be perfectly managed with the school’s ERP

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Schedules are the only thing that helps manage school classroom plans. Teachers can review lesson plans and students can prepare accordingly according to the lesson plan. Each school has about 12 classrooms, which are divided into separate sections. Therefore, it requires a large number of daily schedules. It can be managed smoothly and without conflict with a school management system.

The functionality of the time table management system allows, among other things, to create a coordinated and efficient solution that requires no/minimal manual intervention. Here are some of the benefits of this feature that you can take full advantage of:

Advantages of the schedule management system

It ensures that lessons run smoothly every day.

A perfect solution where lessons are systematically planned.

All topics are given importance according to the program of the year.

The module is secure as only people with the proper credentials can access it. Only a few people can make changes.

Significantly reduces manual intervention. After entering the necessary information into the system, the charts are created automatically.

It is a customizable solution. In case of changes, they can be made without confusion or delay.

Let’s take a look at the different types of programs and what they mean:

Types of lesson plans that can be developed with School ERP

Combined schedule

This is also known as the master plan and it is all encompassing. The complete schedules of all teachers for their classes. The goal is to help the principal keep track of teacher deadlines and ensure changes can be made immediately if needed. This includes all the information on a single page and thus saves time and effort for anyone managing it.

Schedule per class

Most commonly, it is a lesson plan that helps students and teachers plan their days accordingly. In addition to normal subjects, sports, free time, extracurricular activities, etc.

There are slots for pedagogical timeline

As the name suggests, this is for teachers only. They can review their daily, weekly and monthly lessons and plan the lessons accordingly.

game show

Games and sports are equally important as the topics are important to the students. This calendar highlights the timing of all of these events so students are ready for specific uniforms and equipment. A consistent schedule at school ensures that the playground is used well and that there are no conflicts.

Extracurricular Activities Calendar;

Such a program ensures that the relevant teachers and students in the classroom are prepared for extracurricular activities at the scheduled time.

Schedule tasks

While not common, this calendar is designed to help students keep track of their assignments regularly and complete them on time. Teachers can keep it depending on the subject they are teaching, and this program ensures that students are not overloaded with too much homework on any given day.

How would timeline software make this easier and more efficient?

As mentioned above, one of the key features of a school management system is the timetable software. The primary function of any school is to educate students, and an effective scheduling system can ensure that all subjects receive the attention they deserve. Students/teachers receive these charts ahead of time to prepare them. When schools were operating normally, this meant buying books, equipment (games/sports), or other useful items to help students with their schedule.

In the current situation where schools are also working from home, a timetable software is even more important as teachers and students have limited time to complete the year’s syllabus and ensure that the learning process is effective. . Having a systematic programmer is a minor task for anyone involved in running an educational institution. It saves time and effort and is a safe way to complete the most important task in any school.

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