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Difference between COBIT 5 Certification and COBIT 19 Certification?

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COBIT 5 was published in 2012 and contains guidelines that will help businesses improve their enterprise-wide governance. COBIT 5 gave businesses a standard set of rules that can be used in every industry to solve this problem. This helped firms meet their deadlines, bridge the gap between IT strategy and business strategy, and successfully manage risks. 

What’s COBIT 2019 all for? 

COBIT 2019 could be considered an upgrade of COBIT 5. It’s built on the same foundation as COBIT 5, but incorporates new and more innovative features that business require. COBIT 2019 includes many insights, recommendations and training certifications that will help businesses grow even further. It offers businesses a flexible framework to help solve specific problems or promote adoption throughout the company. 

What is COBIT 5 Foundation course 

The CoBIT 5 Foundation course teaches IT governance. It demonstrates the structure, core principles and objectives of COBIT framework through interactive and theoretical workshops. This training prepares learners for the COBIT 5 Foundation certificate examination. 

COBIT 2019 Foundation Course 

The 2019 Foundation course was created for COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate Holders and Newcomers to COBIT, who wish to obtain the most current foundation certificate. This course focuses on concepts, models and important definitions.

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Differences between COBIT5 & COBIT2019 

COBIT 5 consists of five core principle systems. COBIT 2019 has added a sixth principle to its latest release. This gives COBIT 2019 six governance principles. 

Principles and COBIT 5 

  1. Fulfilling stakeholders’ needs 
  1. Holistic approach 
  1. One, integrated framework 
  1. Coverage for end-to-end enterprises 
  1. You can seperate Management and governance

Principles and COBIT 19 

  1. Stakeholders can benefit from our efforts 
  1. Holistic approach 
  1. Dynamic governance system 
  1. Governance system from end-to-end 
  1. Tailored to meet the needs of your enterprise 
  1. Different governance models from management 

Levels of maturity and Capabilities 

COBIT 5 and 2019 are different in terms of their capabilities and maturity levels, and each is based on a different scale. The foundation of COBIT 2019 is the CMMI Performance Management Scheme. COBIT 5 is based upon the ISO/IEC 33000 Software Process Improvement & Capability Determination. 

The benefits of COBIT 5 

  • Your work options may be extended by being current and marketable in many industries using agile methods. 
  • Employers and colleagues should know that you are familiar with Scrum basics. 
  • Learn the skills, knowledge, and competencies required to adapt and use COBIT 5 metrics, maturity models, to any size organization or industry. 

The Benefits of COBIT 19 

  • A structure that is based on priorities 
  • Interoperability to other frameworks 
  • Interfacing with other frameworks 
  • IT optimization is a way to ensure compliance and achieve commercial goals 


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