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How to Keep Your Kids Happy When It’s Raining Outside

by janeausten
Raining Outside

It’s Raining outside and you have a kid who just wants to play outside. But the weather isn’t cooperating, so instead of letting them spend their afternoon pouting and staring out the window, why not keep them happy with these online quotes about rain?

Go to the museum.

Go to the museum. Museums are a great option for rainy days because they can be inexpensive and educational. Many museums are free or have free days, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank, or your kids’ wallets. Museums can also be fun for adults, so it’s not just them hanging out in some stuffy place while you’re off having fun with your friends. They’re also a great place for learning about history or science, which is good if you want something more interesting than sitting around reading books at home (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And if your kid has Raining sensory issues, museums are an excellent choice since they tend to be quieter than other places where lots of people gather together (like parks).

Find a mall with a play area.

If you’re looking for activities that won’t cost you a cent, try searching for malls with play areas. You’re sure to find one near you that will keep your kids Raining entertained while indoors. The next time it begins to Raining, bring a stroller if possible and hit up the nearest mall with a play area.

Here are some other ideas of things to do:

  • Go on an indoor scavenger hunt
  • Visit the aquarium or museum
  • Look at rocks in the geology section of your local museum

Go to a coffee shop.

If you have kids, a coffee shop is an ideal place to spend time with them. Kids can play while you drink your coffee and order some pastries to share with them. Some coffee shops even offer free wifi, so if your child wants to play games on their phone or tablet, it’s easy enough for them to do.

Some coffee shops also have books for kids (and adults.) to read while they’re waiting for their drinks, which means that if you don’t want to entertain your children forever, this could be an option for both of you. If reading isn’t really your thing but playing games is something both of you love doing together, or if neither of these things appeals much, then there are usually board games available at most coffee shops too.

Visit your library.

Libraries are a great place to visit when it’s raining outside. They have excellent children’s sections, and often host story time for kids. Additionally, most libraries are free to use.

Additionally, some libraries have play areas for children or other activities that your kids can enjoy while you’re reading a book or catching up on your favorite magazines.

Go to an indoor playground.

If you have kids, and it’s raining outside, your first instinct might be to tell them to play in the puddles. But if you have tried that before and they’ve gotten bored after five minutes of splashing around and want to go home, then maybe it’s time for a change.

There are many indoor playgrounds that have activities for kids of all ages, and when we say “indoor playgrounds” we mean actual places where your kids can run around and burn off some energy without getting sick from being wet. Some even offer coffee shops so you can get some work done while your little one runs amok.

Have a movie day.

If your kids love movies, why not turn it into a family event? Pop some popcorn and make some hot chocolate (or if you’re feeling really fancy, get some Snowcaps). Sit down with their favorite movie and settle in to watch. Make sure the movie is appropriate for their age, this should be something that they can understand and enjoy without there being any violence or scary parts.

Have everyone sit on the couch together so they feel cozy and safe. Put pillows behind everyone’s head so there’s no risk of them slipping down during the movie. Have them bring their favorite toys or snacks as well.

Afterward, have a pillow fight while discussing what they liked best about the movie (or even better: have one before starting.). Then let them go wild with dancing around after their snack break; it will help them burn off all that energy from being cooped up inside all day.

Make a fort in the living room.

If you have a lot of sheets, towels, blankets, and pillows lying around the house that you’re not currently using in any way (or if you don’t), this is an easy project for the kids to help with. Just pile everything up on the living room floor into a huge fort shape. If it’s too big for your living room or seems too unstable to support its weight without falling apart at any minute, which was my experience, use chairs, tables, or whatever else is available to build up some walls around the edges of your fort.

Then turn off all lights except one flashlight (to conserve battery power) and make your children go inside their new creation so they can read books together by flashlight light or play with toys during their rainy day break from school.

Alternatively: If you have enough space to clear out an entire room in your house for this project (or if it’s summertime), do that instead. Then use old sheets as curtains hanging from clotheslines strung across each side of the room; put pillows down on top of those for softness; add a couple of chairs here and there; hang artwork from one wall with thumbtacks/nail-on picture hangers; add a rug underneath; then turn off all other lights except one flashlight (to conserve battery power). Make sure everyone knows how many hours they are allowed inside before they must come back outside again.

It’s easy to keep your kids entertained on rainy days with a little imagination and creativity.

  • Keep your kids busy with activities that don’t need to be outdoors.
  • Play a game of cards or board games.
  • Watch movies and TV shows together as a family, especially ones you’ve already seen so you can talk about them while they’re playing in the living room around your feet.
  • Have them draw pictures or write stories at the kitchen table while you cook dinner or clean up after dinner.

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