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Why do you need a VPN in London?

by janeausten

The internet has been an essential part of our lives for quite some time now. Almost every aspect of human life depends upon internet connectivity. An internet connection offers numerous benefits if you want to facilitate commute, shopping, work, entertainment, or anything else.

However, high dependence on the internet also creates the need to secure oneself online. Since everyone is online, it creates the perfect opportunity for unwanted entities to intrude on your personal space and access sensitive information.

London is one of the major cities in the United Kingdom. And you ought to take great care of your data online in London. Luckily, a London VPN can encrypt your internet connection and keep you private and secure while browsing.

Let us tell you what a London VPN can do for you regarding functionality, security, and privacy. Let’s get started:

Keep Yourself Private Online

The most significant benefit that a London VPN would offer you is keeping you private while you are online. It does this by hiding your actual IP address from the websites you are visiting. And in return, it provides you with a different geographical IP address to log on to websites.

As a result, your physical location stays hidden from the websites you visit. Thus, you can stay safe from trackers or pop-ads following you around the web. Moreover, your session activity is also wiped once you have disconnected your VPN.

Unblock Geo-Restricted Content

Another great feature of a London VPN would be its offer of unblocking geo-restricted content. Often, governments restrict access to certain websites within the boundaries of a country. And unless you are connected through a VPN, you cannot access such websites.

Now, if you are in London, only connecting through a London VPN can help you overcome such geo-restrictions. Additionally, if you want to access specific libraries of a streaming platform, a VPN can help you do that, also.

Let’s say, for example, you want to watch the American library of Netflix while present in the UK. You can easily do that by connecting to a London VPN and further connecting to a server in the US. As a result, the US version of Netflix will become accessible to you.

Safely Connect to Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Primarily, you should avoid connecting to open public Wi-Fi hotspots. They expose you to an additional threat of cybercrime since hackers and intruders can easily access your private information if you are connected to the same network.

However, a London VPN is a must if you really need to save up on your cellular data and access free public Wi-Fi. This way, you would encrypt your connection and get one step closer to securing yourself on public Wi-Fi networks.

Counter for ISP Throttling

Some ISPs throttle internet speeds on certain websites so that they can offer better internet speeds on other websites; This is called ISP Throttling. Subscribers are often kept in the dark while their ISPs throttle internet speeds. As a result, people suffer through endless buffering while trying to stream their favorite movies or TV shows. If you subscribe to the right London VPN, you can gain freedom from ISP Throttling. Never again would you need to sit through a streaming buffer or poor download speeds.

Prevention of Online Tracking

You might already know that some online platforms store your personal information and sell them to third parties to make a profit. Luckily, securing your connection with a London VPN can also overcome this problem.

If you download VPN service that is just ideal, you can prevent the browsing session from logging your browsing history, login credentials, and other sensitive information. The moment you end the browsing session, your data will be wiped. This ultimately prevents your data from being used without your permission.

Are VPN Services Legal in London?

Using a London VPN is not illegal. However, you must follow the legal guidelines for using a VPN in London. Most countries in the world have made it legal to use VPNs, and the UK happens to be one of them. To be safe, though, we recommend contacting a legal professional and asking them about VPN usage in London before you subscribe to a VPN service.

Can I Use a Free VPN?

You can use a free VPN service, but we will never recommend that you do. This is because a VPN service still needs to earn money, even if it is not charging you for a subscription. As a result, it might be selling off your personal information to third parties because a VPN can still access your personal information.

In contrast, a paid VPN is a much better option. Since they are charging you for a subscription, they would not want to lose a paying customer by selling their personal information to third parties.

On a Final Note

A VPN grants enhanced control over your privacy and the type of internet experience you want. You can easily browse the internet without worrying about your information falling into the wrong hands. Just make sure to opt for a reliable VPN service, and you will be good to go!

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