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Elevators have played a large role in numerous action scenes and horror movies. Whether it’s a villain locking a hero in an elevator or a cab in a building dropping thirty stories. The idea of Elevator Company tragedy is one that is imprint in our collective mind as something to fear. However, here are some facts you might not know about Elevator Company safety procedures. Which have been built precisely to prevent the disasters we fear most.


Many thrilling movie scenes portray an elevator hanging by a single cable. Which frays & snaps, plummeting the cab with all inside.

Reality: Any Elevator Company needing cables and a motor to work has numerous cables holding it up. There is also a very low chance of a cable snapping. Modern wires are intend to hold twelve times the weight of the elevator when it’s full of passengers. If you’re afraid about overloading the elevator of Elevator Company, don’t be: most elevators won’t close their doors or move if the weight limit is surpass.


It is not necessary for all elevators to rely on cables to operate. The elevator can fall several levels or down the entire shaft, which is a frequent fallacy.

Speed governors are standard in all new elevators, and this is a fact. When the Elevator Company exceeds a specific speed, an emergency brake kicks in to stop its progress. Even if a loss of power were to occur. The Elevator Company would make a controlled halt, not plunge to the bottom of the shaft.


Based on recent polls, estimates indicate that 85 percent of buildings with elevators do not have a named 13th level. Why? Some explanations have indicated the 13th floor of government buildings is not truly missing. But includes top-secret governmental departments, or more broadly that it is indicative of something dark or covert going on.

Reality: For many individuals, the number 13 is consider unlucky and building owners would occasionally purposely exclude a level number 13. Superstitious tenants, or commercial tenants that fear losing clients because of their beliefs. Might have a negative impact on the desirability of units on the 13th level.


There is a fear that if an elevator cab gets stuck in between floors. The people inside will run out of oxygen and die from lack of oxygen.

You may be surprise to learn that elevators are not meant to be airtight. Elevators must have at least 2% of their floor space dedicate to vents, and many of them are also equip with air conditioning or heating, ensuring that everybody inside has access to fresh air at all times.


Being grab or crush by the elevator doors as they close are two of the most common phobias held by the general public when riding an elevator between floors.

To ensure that the doors don’t close while people enter and exit the elevator, modern elevators are oblige to have multiple fail-safe devices in place. A curtain of infrared light typically spans the entranceway of most elevators, signaling to the elevator controller that the circuit must be complete in order for the door to open and allow a passenger to board the elevator. While the doors are open, the elevator cannot move between levels. DLM (DOOR LOCK MONITORING) systems must be install on all elevators in New York City by January 1, 2020, to further limit the risk of an elevator moving before the doors have fully close.

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A neglected elevator can still be quite dangerous, but Elevator Company is here to put your mind at ease. To educate you on how conventional safety laws and current technology have substantially reduced the frequency of these dangers. Find an experienced Elevator Company service supplier to inspect and maintain all of your elevators and other vertical transportation systems.

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