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A Complete Strategy to Win at Mahjong 247 Games for Beginners.

by janeausten

A standard game has 144 tiles. The goal is to get rid of all the tiles as quickly and with the most points possible. Each tile is adorned with a photo. There are 42 pictures total. You must match tiles with others of the same image. Matching two tiles will result in them both disappearing.

You would expect mahjong solitaire to be simple, based on the simplicity of the rules. As long as matching tiles don’t get blocked by other tiles, you can remove them.

It’s not as simple as that. You will quickly realize that mahjong solitaire is not easy if you only remove the first matching pair you see.

This is because tiles can get stuck if they aren’t removed correctly.

If you have two ‘A” tiles, you need to be careful how you remove them. You can’t remove all the tiles at once. The 2 on top will remain at the end.

Here are 2 strategies that I offer to help your complete mahjong solitaire. These strategies won’t make anyone an expert but they will help you finish any mahjong solitaire game.

Watch out for four tiles being simultaneously playable. You should immediately remove any 4 tiles that are not playable at once.


You know there are no more tiles like them in your layout. You can remove them, but it won’t make other tiles inaccessible. *You can be certain that this move will work and it won’t interfere with the game. *

If 3 tiles are visible, another strategy is applicable.

If there are 3 tiles visible and one tile isn’t blocking the other tiles, you can remove the non-blocking tile.

An example is the best illustration of this concept.

Imagine that a portion of the mahjong layout looks like this…



Do you want to remove the A’s?

Yes. The A’s should be removed from the top line.

The A in the ‘AX” line should not be removed. It isn’t blocking any other tiles. The A’s at the top of the line will not block any tiles, so you can get more tiles. There is no way that the A at the bottom can block another A. However, it is possible that the top A’s might be blocking the final one.

Although they won’t guarantee you win every mahjong solitaire game, the strategies above should be helpful. You can use hints if you play a game that has them. This will allow you focus more on strategy than matching matches.

What happens to my moves if they run out?

Mahjong moves just like with solitaire. Still play Mahjong by continuing to shuffle your pieces. Penalized for shuffling pieces. Try to play as carefully as you can. To get a score bonus, it is worth clearing all 144 tiles.

Tips to Play

+ Getting the highest-value tiles early can help you score a lot.

+ Clear tiles that are on top of other tiles. Because they limit the number and difficulty of moves, tile stacks can be difficult to clear at the end.

+ How you clear tiles can make a huge difference. If you play well, you can reduce the chance of running out moves at the end.

+ Playing fast is key to earning big scores, but it’s also important to consider your moves. It is important to score big and keep moving until the end.

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