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What To Look For In A Banquet Hall?

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Have you ever thought about exploring your choices when it comes to hosting an event at a banquet hall? Nowadays, there are countless options for hosting an event. Banquet halls are still the most suitable option for multiple reasons.

Banquet halls that offer halal catering are the perfect choice if you are looking forward to having a memorable event. The event will be memorable not just because of the food, but due to several other reasons as well. Here is our pick on things that you should look for, in a banquet hall.


No matter what you do in life, if you set a budget, stick to it firmly. This way, you’ll manage your expenses smartly and run things while being stress-free. Event planning is one of the most important things in life. Every person faces this dilemma at least once in their life. Creating a realistic budget is the most important step in everything, especially in event planning. This sets the pace for all your needs and requirements. A budget defines the nature of your desires for the upcoming event. Whether you want a minimal event attended by those in your close circle or an extravagant event, you need a budget. Achieving your goals in the budget is a very big deal.

The Hall Should Mirror The Event

Before looking for a banquet hall, it is crucial to pen down the basics. First of all, note the type of event you are planning to host. Secondly, evaluate the number of people on the guest list. These steps will make it easier for you to decide the adequate space required to accommodate your guests. No one likes to attend an event in a congested place that isn’t suitable for lots of people. The hall you select should mirror the event properly. You obviously wouldn’t host a quinceanera at a church.


When looking for a banquet hall, you should always make sure that it is easily accessible via public transport. You might have guests coming over from the other side of town or different cities. The banquet hall you chose should be located at a place of everyone’s convenience.

Match The Vibe

In a banquet hall, everything can be decorated as per your requirement. You need to ensure that the decorations and atmosphere match the vibe of your event. If you’re planning to host a personal event such as a wedding, you’ll want a casual banquet hall. Anniversary parties, birthday parties, quinceaneras, bridal showers, etc can all be held at casual banquet halls. Corporate events and award ceremonies call for a more formal yet elegant reception hall.


One of the most important things to look for, when you are choosing a banquet hall, is the catering. Countless banquet halls offer on-site catering. This makes it easier for you to book everything in one place. You can save yourself from the stress of having multiple contracts and calling different people for different services. Halal-certified banquet halls are preferred by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, for multiple reasons.

Food is certified as ‘Halal’ after it meets a specific list of standard requirements set by Islamic Law. Meat slaughtered purely by the Zabiha Halal rules is permissible for Muslims to consume. Halal catering is the safest option when you are hosting an event that will be attended by both Muslims and non-Muslims. If you have waiters at your event, it makes everything more efficient and smooth. When you choose halal caterers, there might be some limitations but there is an amazing variety of buffet possibilities. For example; international dishes, a variety of barbecues, vegan food, and even a special menu for kids.

Outdoor Decor 

Before finalizing a banquet hall, make sure they have outdoor decor options. Some people want mansion-like huge roofs, while some prefer an outdoor event. The natural breeze doesn’t just save you the cost of air-conditioning, but also keeps the atmosphere light and refreshing. Events held outdoors cost comparatively less and are preferable unless it rains. If you want to avoid rain during an outdoor event, make sure you see the weather forecast for the entire week, beforehand. After seeing the week’s weather forecast, set your dates accordingly to avoid such problems.

Parking or Parkour

When you are hosting an event, make sure that the banquet hall in option has ample parking space. Your guests from the other side of town or different cities can’t just park on the road. They should be accommodated with safer parking areas to avoid their cars being towed. Parking lots make it easier to find one’s car after or even during the event, in case of an unforeseen emergency.

Technical Equipment

Before booking a venue, be certain that you communicate your requirements to the event coordinator to avoid all last-minute difficulties. This includes lighting, air-conditioning, sound systems, microphones, etc. If the banquet hall runs on a buffet system, then it goes without saying that it will be self-service.

Marquee Banquet And Event Center

Marquee Banquet & Event Center is a full-service banquet hall. All kinds of personal, formal, and casual events are held here. This includes weddings, parties, quinceaneras, corporate meetings, award ceremonies, seminars, bridal showers, etc. They have been in the business of catering, hospitality, and special events industry for over 15 years. Any event held at Marquee Banquet & Event Center is memorable because of the food, services, and much more.

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