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Top 5 Breakfast Restaurants In Houston

by janeausten
Breakfast Restaurants In Houston

Nowadays, brunch may be in the spotlight, but breakfast will always remain the most important meal of the day. Are you looking for a quick breakfast fix before starting your day or you wanna grab bagels on the go? Want to grab a smoothie before hitting the gym or a lazy weekend spot to sip tea and stare out the window? Here’s our pick of the top 5 breakfast restaurants in Houston.  

The Breakfast Klub

Good things come to those who wait and yes you will have to get in line but it will definitely be worth it. Their mouth-watering special breakfast costs between $10-15 US Dollars, but is worth every penny. It has multiple things served in the form of a platter. You can order two different breakfast platters and treat your taste buds to a blend of great tastes. Every ingredient used is of the best quality and fresh. This is a halal-certified restaurant, so you don’t have to worry about the meat. The pork chops probably aren’t actually made of pork meat.

We’re Dough

If you’re running late to work, grab a bagel or a croissant with coffee on the go at We’re Dough. What more could anyone want when you have a bakery and a cafe in the same place. Dine in with friends or colleagues and have a delicious, filling breakfast. You may wonder if you watered the plants this morning or not, but you will never forget the yummy breakfast you had at We’re Dough.

Tempura Halal

If you’re craving a healthy continental breakfast, then Tempura Halal is the best place for you. They specialize in continental food that satisfies all your cravings. The fresh ingredients and uniquely delicious food are a gift from their motherland. Every bite of this fine cuisine can make you nostalgic and you can never get enough of it. Even the condiments they serve are unmatched in delicious taste as well as quality. Their special butter naans, pooris, and lassi are the favorite choice for sides when it comes to breakfast. The best continental dishes like Nehari and Paya are now available in the state of Texas. Can you imagine? What are you waiting for? Visit Tempura Halal and have the most memorable breakfast of your life.

Eggcellence Cafe

The name may mislead you to think that they just have a variety of eggs, but there is always more to what meets the eye. They have something for everyone. Even if you have dietary restrictions such as gluten or dairy etc you can still enjoy a delicious breakfast. Their entire menu consists of a variety of food items, each more delicious than the one mentioned above. Their classic eggs benedict is something you’ll regret not trying. The red velvet waffles are (without exaggeration) worth dying for. Is it 3 pm? You have not run out of time because they serve breakfast all day long.

Bismillah Restaurant

This Restaurant is well-known for its unique blend of Indo-Pak spices which indulge you in the traditional South Asian Culture. The aesthetic of the plated food is unmatched and their juices and drinks are a little pricey but completely worth it. Try their special Paratha with an omelet and some fried keema separately for the best breakfast combination ever. Have a breakfast that doesn’t just satisfy your appetite, but also keeps you healthy and full.

Every doctor in the World is going to recommend having breakfast daily. If you have a healthy breakfast, only then will you be able to go about your day properly. It sets the pace for how your day will turn out to be. Those who skip breakfast on a regular basis are harming their health badly. It has countless benefits for your body but if you skip it daily (or regularly), your health will start to deteriorate. Muscles, bones, and all the organs gradually begin to be affected. Your body’s source of energy is glucose and breakfast fills the required amount, no matter what is on the table. It provides your body with all the essential vitamins and nutrients. Breakfast boosts brainpower, and metabolism and helps in controlling your weight. It works as fuel for your body so that it may function properly.

If you skip your breakfast regularly, you are making yourself more prone to chronic illnesses. You may convince yourself that it’s a part of your diet, but it makes you gain weight. Skipping breakfast also makes you vulnerable to having heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol. You should have breakfast within the first hour of waking to prepare your body for a successful day ahead. It is always recommended to have a balanced diet instead of skipping meals. This includes controlling the portion of the food being consumed and having light meals every few hours.

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