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Urologist: Three Ways to Treat Your Kidney Stones

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Three Ways to Treat Your Kidney Stones

Kidney stones or renal lithiasis are the hard deposits made up of minerals and salts that form inside the kidneys. The causes of this health condition are many and the same could affect any part of the urinary tract of your body. The stones in the kidneys are often formed when the urine becomes concentrated which later allows the minerals to crystallize and stick together with each other. Your urology doctor suggests a number of ways to treat the problem of kidney stones from the body, also check here best urologist in Mumbai.

The method of passing kidney stones through urine is considered to be a painful affair; however, these stones do not cause any permanent damage when recognized at the earliest. Depending upon the gravity and situation of the kidney stones, your urology doctor might suggest you follow a pain medication and to further drink enough water in order to pass the kidney stone.

In other cases, the following types of kidney stone surgeries are performed:

1. Lithotripsy:

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy makes the use of sound waves in order to break the large stones so that they could pass down easily from the ureters to the bladder. This procedure could be a little uncomfortable in nature and may require the administration of anesthesia.

2. Tunnel surgery:

Under this form of kidney stone surgery, a surgeon removes the stones via a small incision on the back. This procedure is needed when the stone causes infection and obstruction or the same is damaging your kidneys. It is also used when the stone has grown very large and it becomes difficult to pass.

3. Ureteroscopy:

This form of kidney stone surgery is performed when the stone is stuck in the bladder or ureter. A small wire along with a camera is attached and inserted into the urethra and the same is passed into the bladder. The urology surgeon then makes the use of a small cage to remove the stone so you can check for best urologist in Mumbai. These procedures to treat kidney stones have become very common in the present times.

Kidney stones are the deposition of crystals of minerals and salts in your kidneys. Over time, they become solid, which makes it difficult and often painful while eliminate them through the urine. Usually, the fluid content of your urine prevents different constituents of your urine from coming in contact with each other.

Possible Kidney Stone Treatments:

The possible kidney stone treatments available are as follows –

Reduce your intake of aerated products

Aerated products are considered to be extremely unhealthy and are loaded with excessive amounts of sugar. Some research performed on kidney stones has highlighted sugary drinks such as those with high-fructose corn syrups as one of the critical reasons for kidney stone development.

Calcium-rich diet

Calcium has been one of the key contributors to the measures acknowledged for kidney stone treatment. A low calcium diet will only contribute to increasing your overall risks associated with the development of kidney stones.

Reduce your sodium intake

Salt contributes to excessive dehydration. When your body is low on water content, you are actually creating an atmosphere for the development of kidney stones.

Select your protein wisely

Not all proteins are essential and equally formed. Animal proteins are more acidic in comparison with other proteins. This may lead to increasing your urine acid, which may further contribute to the formation of uric acid stones and calcium oxalate stones.

Apart from these necessary kidney stone treatment measures, people suspecting a kidney stone should immediately consult their medical practitioners. Although some people may experience no long-term adverse events from their kidney stones, others may witness extreme pain, which requires continuous medical monitoring. In most cases, basic kidney stone treatment involves increasing your regular fluid intake, and adhering to pain medications, which makes your urine less acidic in nature. Also, check new blogs on this site.

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