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Efficacious Tips to Stay Focused During IELTS Exam Preparation

by janeausten
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Proper focus is integral while you prepare for any exam. Studying without focus is nothing but a mere waste of time. If you are planning to give IELTS exam, you have to commit yourself fully to its preparation. When you sit to study you should not let yourself be distracted by anything. To clear the IELTS exam, you need to put in all your hard work and sincere efforts. 

In this article, we will list some efficacious tips to help you stay focused during IELTS exam preparation. 

Remove all distractions 

Often students indulge in wasting their time on social media, television, etc. You should 

devote specific time only to such activities and not let yourself waste the whole day on them. Remove all such distractions to make you focus better on your exam preparations. 

You can also get distracted due to external factors like interference from family members, outside noise, etc. So it is important to seat yourself in a peaceful environment. However, you first need to know the IELTS exam date to complete your preparation on time. So, check out the official website of the exam conducting body or connect with a reliable source to get the latest information about upcoming dates. 

Improve vocabulary

If you have a rich vocabulary then you can do well in your IELTS exam. Improving vocabulary is not very difficult. Just get a dictionary for yourself and keep reading new words daily. Keep a target to learn 20 new words daily (or as per your convenience)

Keep a diary with you where you can note new words. Invest your time in reading newspapers, books, etc. This will not only improve your vocabulary but inculcate the habit of reading. 

Proper timetable

Often students do not keep a proper timetable for exam preparations. IELTS exam consists of 4 sections. You need to devote time to all of them. So before beginning with preparations draft a proper timetable

Find your area of weakness. If you are someone who is not comfortable with speaking then it would be a good idea to give more time to practice speaking. If you find it difficult to read long passages then you should be working on your reading skills.  

Schedule proper breaks 

While preparing for exams, some students end up overdoing their preparations. They do not give themselves proper break.  Always accommodate small breaks in your timetable as it helps to refresh your mind. You can actually use your leisure time for learning more.

 For example- you can watch infotainment channels like Discovery, and Natgeo which provide interesting commentary on wildlife. If you are someone who likes to keep himself up to date with current affairs then you can switch to English news channels like CNN, NDTV, etc. These days many innovative apps and games are available online which can provide you with knowledge about English language in fun ways.

Be physically fit 

If you are mentally or physically unwell you will fail to focus on your exam preparations. You may be putting in lots of effort for several days but if you fall ill before your exam then all that hard work can go in vain. So the importance of good physical health can never be undermined. To stay fit and fine follow the below tips

  • Eat good food
  • Avoid junk food, sugary beverages, alcohol, etc 
  • Do yoga, aerobic exercises, or go for a simple jog
  • Practice meditation and deep breathing to remain stress-free
  • Sleep properly. Irregular sleep schedules will make you feel exhausted and sleepy for the whole day. 

 If you wish to score good scores in IELTS or PTE exam then it’s suggested to complete your exam preparation on time. So make sure to check the PTE exam date and schedule your preparation accordingly. 

Don’t compare with anyone

Unrealistic expectations from relatives, parents, or peer pressure can make you feel unnecessarily burdened. If you have had a friend or cousin get a good band score in the IELTS exam then you might feel pressure to perform well yourself. Success stories should motivate you but some students may end up feeling stressed due to it. See you don’t need to copy anyone else journey. Each individual is unique and has his own set of strengths and weaknesses. You have to craft your own success journey without bothering about others. If you keep this in mind always you can actually excel in any exam. 

Practice makes a man perfect

Without proper practice nothing is achievable. There are lots of resource materials available online. You can access them and practice from there. You can participate in online quizzes and test your preparations. You will be able to find out which areas you are not doing well and then work on them accordingly.  Are you residing in Ludhiana or nearby areas? If yes, then consider connecting with the best platform in Ludhiana and give your preparations a flying start. Professional guidance can be very helpful and you should definitely consider it


Being focused is the key to preparing well for the IELTS exam. Your mind is a powerhouse and you have to harness its maximum potential. Keep practicing regularly. Try to converse in English with your family and friends. Find out the areas you lag in and prepare a proper action plan to excel in them.  

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