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Horary Astrology: A Brief Guide to Use It?

by janeausten
Horary Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, a birth chart written at the time of your birth is used for making predictions; whereas, Horary Astrology is a unique science, where the astrologer draws your birth chart for the moment you ask your query. Also called ‘Prashna’ or Prashna ‘Shastra,’ Horary Astrology is a special branch of astrology, which can help one predict and find answers from the birth chart that is instantly written by astrologers at the moment of your question.

Now, Horary Astrology is available online and is a simple, quick, and easy way. To get solutions to troubling questions on your mind right away. In this method, a birth chart generates by the online horary astrologers based on the planetary positions at the time, date, and place when you ask your question. This means that a Horary astrologer can give instant predictions and solutions to your question without any wait.

Similar to Vedic Astrology, Horary Astrology is also available in the KP system of astrology. You can use online KP Horary Astrology or Prashna to get answers to questions on your mind related to career, wealth, family, marriage, or any living area. When you consult a KP astrologer for horary astrology, he or she can guide you with accurate predictions by drawing your birth chart at the moment of your query. And also suggest suitable remedies to overcome the problems. As a result, when you are faithful and follow these remedies for the suggested period. KP Astrology’s Horary method can bring a positive change in your life.

Horary Astrology- Means In KP Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the Horary method is based on Hora or hour. In KP Astrology, the Horary method uses 4 Basic Points:

  • Base Ascendant
  • Rising Ascendant
  • Veedhi
  • Chatra

The zodiac system gets divides into segments based on the Rasi (sign) lord, and Nakshatra (star) lord. and sub lord in this method of KP Astrology. So, there are a total of 249 segments in the zodiac. And when a person asks a question, he or she is asked to pick a number between 1 and 249. This determines the Ascendant and the positions of the planets in the chart drawn at the time of the query (this is different than the actual Ascendant). So when an individual gives a number between 1 and 249, he/she is actually referring to a particular Subdivision, which utilizes afterward to draw a birth chart. In this method, the time and place of the query are very important.

Horary Calculation In KP Astrology

Now we move on to Horary calculation in KP Astrology. When a person approaches the World famous astrologer with a question, the astrologer has to check the Ruling Planet (RP) of the time as the first thing and then draw a horoscope with the correct table of houses.

  • For every query asked, one needs to find out the most important House, its cuspal sub lord, and its star lord.
  • Then find out the houses related to this important House, their cuspal sub lords, and their star lords.
  • The cuspal sub lord of the most important house should not be in retrograde at the time of analysis.
  • This sub lord should also not occupy a star whose lord is retrograde at the time of analysis.
  • The cuspal sub lord of the main house should be related to other houses pertaining to the query.
  • Rules 3, 4, and 5 should be concurrently satisfied to signify a positive answer. Hence, If any of the Rules 3, 4, or 5 satisfy, then it gives a negative result for the query.

Last Words:

Therefore, The solution is not promising if both the star lord and sub lord of the primary Cuspal sub lord get connect to the negative Houses. It should also be verified that if Lagna Cuspal sub lord (which signifies success in one’s effort) and 11th Cuspal sub lord (which indicates fulfillment of desire) signifies the houses related to the question. So, this is a supportive indicator that the solution will be fruitful. If the ruling planet supports the query, then the work will be done, otherwise, the solution will be unhelpful. Also, check our new blogs here.

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