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Things to do in Baltimore

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Traveling is the best thing you can do to have a refreshing feeling and a break from the monotonous life. Baltimore is one such city that gives a feeling of immense peace to your mind. There is a various relaxing place where you visit. Not only this, Baltimore is famous because of Poe’s life. You can visit this city to learn about the POE’s history and his life. Also, you can visit gorgeous museums or amusing places like water parks. 

There are many things which you can do here packed with the crowd in the city of Baltimore. So, make a trip to this city by booking Frontier Airlines Tickets with your loved ones!

Things to do in Baltimore:

Trip to National Aquarium

National Aquarium is located in the center of the city. Trip to this famous tourist destination that also has a spectacular museum to visit. Most people visit National Aquarium to sightsee the aquarium. Stroll down the different levels in the aquarium for gorgeous blacktip reef sharks. Spend some time in this museum to collect the most impressive views of the wild extremes of Australia. 

National Aquarium attracts so many people who visit the site by booking Frontier Airlines Reservations to obtain an implausible experience at this pretty museum.

Watch out the Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan offers things related to Poe’s life. If you are a follower of Poe, then you must visit this Edgar Allan. This idyllic spot was his home once and now houses his writings. Adore Poe’s life with his belonging in Edgar Allan. There is much to explore in Edgar Allan apart from where Poe started writing his short stories. 

Hop into Public markets

There are many public markets in the city but this market is the most happening one. You can come here to shop for antique collections. This market is packed with people who also visit their favorite restaurants. Buy items like beef tongue, rabbits, and many more from public markets. There is an eminent Lexington Market inside the public markets which is available here since 1782.

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You can shop from this market located in the heart of the city of Baltimore by booking Frontier Airlines Flight Booking.

A trip to Tour John Hopkin’s University

This tour of the university is worth visiting which was made in 1800. Every visitor is asked to have a tour of the University open to locals. Here, you can explore the full university’s history. Adore the interior of the University which is located in North Baltimore. 

Have a ride on Charm City Circulator shuttle bus

A ride on Charm City Circulator shuttle bus is a must without which your tour is incomplete. Enjoy a ride to enjoy the Charm City Circulator shuttle bus. Amazing bus service is for locals and tourists which is a free shuttle bus service.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

A day at Oriole Park is the best thing you can do here. plan a trip to Oriole Park to spend evenings. This park is located at Camden Yards which offers to enjoy with the kids. There are various places to play or enjoy recreational activities. 

Are you going to visit Baltimore? Is the full travelogue for your trip, enjoy a full vacation here with your loved ones. You can use the Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy if you want to cancel the bookings!

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