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How to Set Up Your Office at Home after House Shifting?

by janeausten
How to Set Up Your Office at Home after House Shifting?

Work from home or its popular abbreviation WFH has become a way of life after the emergence of the deadly contagion, Coronavirus in the year 2020. As the whole world needed to take cover by ducking down in their shelters, the world economy crashed. This is when WFH surfaced as a new ray of hope in the lives of mankind. The WFH space lets you work with the same zeal without the hassle of commuting or interacting with the crowd, which helps you stay away from the risks of getting COVID.

WFH allows you to deliver the same work within the same deadline in the luxury of your home. Hence, it is important to create an office space at home and design it in such a way that it instils motivation and inspiration to work efficiently. After a house shifting, you get to start creating your home on a fresh note so make full use of the opportunity and set up a home office to amplify your productivity. So, here are some useful tips on how to set up your office after house shifting:

Create in an isolated space:

Ensure that the office that you create is isolated from the hurly-burly of the rest of the living area. This will help your brain cut from the household zone and switch to the work mode and you can focus on your work without getting distracted. Again, after your office hours, you can switch back to relaxation mode without having to be a part of the office zone. Creating an isolated workspace at home helps you stay more organized. You don’t have to bring your office stationers to the table for setting up a WFH desk and again clear it up at the end of the day post office hours.

Steer clear of distractions:

Distraction is a relative concept, and every person has their individual means of getting distracted. You can get distracted by TV, music system, gaming console, or even sitting next to the window. Don’t let these distractions cause hindrance to your office work. Create your WFH space where you can focus on your work and stay away from such impediments.

Get the right supplies:

Your home office should be equipped with the right supplies and tools so that you can work without any disruptions. Make sure you have an office desk and a comfortable chair, to begin with. I would personally suggest you go for an ergonomic office chair as you sit and work for the long office hours. Ergonomic chairs help you in maintaining a neutral posture and reduce strain on the lower back.

For an office desk, I would recommend you to go for one with additional storage space in the form of drawers and cabinets. This will let you store all your stationers, documents, laptop, and other office accessories in an organised way. Get a Wi-Fi connection to attend the online meetings smoothly without getting your phone’s limited data to vanish in the midst.

Splash some orange:

Colors have a strong visual effect on our brain cells and help them to function accordingly. The bright orange color helps in infusing concentration, efficiency, and organizational skills into our minds. To introduce a few pieces of orange in your office space like a salt lamp, a vase or planter, a pen-stand, etc. You don’t have to think of going overboard by painting an entire wall orange! Do it in a subtle yet definite manner.

Splatter some green:

Green is the color of tranquillity as well as money, health, and luck. Adding some elements of green with soothe your nerves and bestow your work life with money and luck. The best way to add green is by adding plants to your work desk. Add some indoor plants like pothos, sansevieria, chamaedorea palm, sanderiana, etc. These plants need to be watered (chlorine-free) sparingly and do not need any extra care to thrive. Moreover, they help in purifying the indoor air to a certain extent. So, get a team of green workmates as you set up your office at home after house shifting in Bangalore

Be wise about the lighting:

Proper lighting plays an important role in building your home office space the right way. It helps you to focus on your work on the desk as well as it saves your eyes from getting strained. Opt for cool white lights instead of warm yellow lights as it is comfortable for your eyes and helps you to concentrate better.

Make a to-do list:

Make a to-do list for every day mentioning your tasks for the day ahead. As you finish the tasks one by one, you can tick off the contents on the list. This will keep you reminded of the tasks at hand and also help you to track your progress. Use sticky-notes for the same and stick them right in front of you on the work desk.

Maintain a steady temperature:

Room temperature plays a vital role in generating productivity as you work. Even if you cannot control the temperature outside, you can control the room temperature of your home office. During winters, switch on a heater or blower in the room to stabilize the ambient temperature. Use sweaters, hoodies, and blankets for further protection.

During summers, use pedestal fans or table fans apart from the ceiling fans. Drink plenty of water and electrolytes as it will help you stay hydrated and in maintaining the necessary minerals and salt levels in your body. It is going to be better if you can get an air-conditioner installed in the home office space. You can easily maintain the desired temperature with the help of an AC.

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Your WFH space or home office area is your regular workplace till the world is back to normal after conquering the battle against the antagonistic Coronavirus. Your home office space can be completely under your control, unlike the normal office edifice. Be it the furniture, the stationers, the colors of the walls, the decors, the table-top knick-knacks, the lighting, and the temperature is according to your preference and requirement. Therefore, be wise, practical, and creative while setting up your personalized home office space.  I hope you got a clear idea of how to set up your office at home after house shifting. I wish you a vibrant and productive design ahead…

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