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2022 Marketing Trends

by janeausten
marketing trends 2022

We did the research so you wouldn’t have to.

The data has spoken, and 2022 will be a digital year. Here is the marketing trends.

While new applications and platforms are bound to find their way onto the global stage, the next year will be less about firsts. In truth, it will be about taking current techniques (which we’ve been pitching for AGES) and executing them in much more relevant and successful ways.

We understand what AI is and how essential personalization is, but now is the time to take it to the next level in order to reach more people more effectively in 2020.

Here are certain trends and possibilities you should not simply ignore.

marketing trends


AI has been a buzzword for quite some time, but its applications are expected to broaden to address a wide range of practical demands that will not only assist expedite your job but also deliver genuine value to prospects.

By analyzing consumer behaviors and search queries using AI, you may unearth a goldmine of data that will allow you to automate messaging to customers based on their previously specified interests. You may even automate their whole client journey, from contact to a conversation, using chatbots. The potential is limitless, and AI should be employed in every possible application to reap the maximum benefits.

It can be used for:

  • Automation of email
  • Email customization
  • generation of content
  • Fundamental communication
  • E-trade transactions
  • Mentions of products

and apply it to the hundreds of distinct touch points throughout the client journey that you’ll need to plan ahead of time. Mastercard’s Facebook Messenger bot is one great AI triumph, meant to make discussions more human and less like talking to a computer – all while processing transactions.


With AI in mind, be prepares to devote more work to ensure that your company employs more conversational marketing trends. By this year, chatbots will fuel 85 percent of customer support. Users who want support when and when they need it will appreciate the 24-hour service. For example, 82 percent of customers demand prompt replies to their inquiries, with 64 percent preferring to connect with online chatbots owing to quick responses, recorded buyer history, and – in many cases today – human tone.


While customers are willing to speak with bots to save time, you will only be able to engage with them if your marketing trends is personalized as a whole.

This is what will distinguish firms in 2022.

You can see this in action with huge firms like Netflix and Jetstar sending out emails that are personalize to the last detail. Jetstar is well-known for sending emails to families when they are most in need, highlighting reduced family-friendly journeys, and, as a result, giving additional deals that will assist simplify their trip (from inflight bassinet services to leeway in skipping queues prior to boarding.)

With customized film suggestions based on customer viewing patterns, Netflix has seen even higher brand loyalty, keeping consumers on its streaming service for longer.


Google recently launched the BERT technology, which enables Google to comprehend the language individuals use while searching. This revealed that common people’s vernacular is rapidly impacting the way we search, indicating to content authors that they would need to change how they approach SEO.

According to Google’s Josh Mueller, greater focus should be placed on well-written content that sounds like and speaks to the consumers with whom marketers want to interact. This implies that it’s no longer enough to experiment with the latest and greatest SEO tricks.

In fact, 88 percent of B2B content marketers believe that consistently delivering high-quality content is the key to establishing trust and confidence in their business. Rankings will naturally improve as a result of this.


This is again another recommendation we’ve made for quite some time. But brace yourselves for its full power in 2021. In fact, 70% of customers claim they’ve shared a company’s video on social media (excellent for brand recognition), while 52% of marketers swear that video content provides the highest ROI.

It’s even effective for B2B marketers, with 66% of executives accessing a company’s website after seeing a video and 39% phoning the vendor after watching such a video.

It is also an excellent instructional tool, with 68 percent of consumers preferring to watch a video when learning about a new product or service.

Video will not be a sustainable technique for marketing success alone on YouTube. Instagram stories, live Facebook videos, and releasing short web series on LinkedIn, among other platforms, can lead to video success.

Due to how easy it is to watch and ascertain information rather than wade through pages and pages of words, hosting a video on your site is 50x more likely to increase organic search results than text.

Other popular video formats expected to make an impact in 202 include:

  • Streaming video
  • Videos in 360 degrees
  • Video SEO (fully transcribed to boost rankings)
  • Email videos “How to” videos depending on the language people search in
  • Short-form engaging material that is part of a web series


This is when things start to become futuristic. Prepare for more searches that include more than simply text. Pinterest’s “LENS” AI tool enables for visual searches on photographs captured with a camera. The program will then look for the same or a comparable item that you can buy online.

In a larger sense, Google already does this by allowing users to submit an image and search for the object of interest online.


Another new trend that will obviously make waves in 2022 is interactive content. We’re talking about surveys, augmented reality commercials, quizzes, themed calculators, maps, travel guides, and the like. More than 70% of marketers will rely on interactive creative content to drive engagement and brand loyalty.

Interactive information that might inspire you includes interactive maps like this one made by London Technology Week. It allows users to click on a tour of their choosing and learn more about it before signing up.


In 2019, Google claimed that smart bidding and automation would be the new normal for Google advertisements.

Smart bidding employs AI to optimize bidding for users, allowing for improved conversion outcomes. And more freedom to define activities such as choosing conversion actions. The ability to optimize bids across various campaigns, and the option to configure bids to adjust automatically when sales begin or stop.


2022 will be a challenging year for firms to remain relevant while also seeming ahead of the curve with their content and marketing offerings. For many organizations, it may appear to be an insurmountable task, but it does not have to be. If you work with digital marketing experts like us, we’ll help your business flourish well in advance by developing a plan that will not only keep you relevant but also weather any unforeseen changes in the industry that may come your way. Contact Kreationsites Digital today, and we’ll make sure your marketing efforts run smoothly in 2021.

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