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WSBK 2022: Yamaha YZF-R1 with upgraded electronic control system

by janeausten

From WSBK’s official report last week, the electronic control system of the Yamaha 2022′ YZF-R1 factory race car is being further refined with progressive upgrades. It brings constant improvements to the fighting force.

Yamaha’s two main teams in WSBK, are Pata Yamaha WSBK (factory team) and Brixx Yamaha WSBK (independent team/satellite team). It has had two rounds of pre-season testing so far and will have two more before the official start of the season. It comes with testing focused on the electronic control system. Reigning and recent world champion ToprakRazgatlioglu with his mechanic’s team leader Phil Marron and Pata Yamaha WSBK team manager Paul Denning have welcomed the news.

Note: The WSBK World Superbike Championship is tentatively running on to have twelve stages in the 2022 season. It is kicking off in Aragon, Spain, from April 8-10.

WSBK reports that the new electronic control system is just for improving on all the functions of the original system. Like anti-start/headset cornering control and traction control. In addition, during the third round of testing this year (Aragon, Spain), they also found that Yamaha is testing a new mechanical component on the engine side Yamaha YZF 2022. This new mechanical component will allow the machine to perform better out of corners. For former World Champion Raglio Lu, the new changes to the car will further strengthen his riding characteristics: the ability to exit corners faster than his competitors is one of his strengths for the 2021 season, and he is also the latest demonstrator of heavy braking action in WSBK, making him one of the most difficult riders to pass.

Speaking of the upgrades and enhancements to the electronic control system, Laglioğlu expressed his delight, “We’ve taken an incredible step forward in terms of electronics and now I love it. The anti-start/headset device, engine braking, traction control, etc., everything has made good progress and improved. We will test the system again in Catalunya, hopefully in good weather. The test in Portimao (Portugal) (note: February 7 – 9, WSBK’s second official pre-season test of the year) was already incredible for me with the new equipment. And now the test in Aragon is a big step forward.”

The WSBK World Superbike Championship is a real-world testing ground for many production superbikes. And the results of all aspects of the test will, to a large extent, become the standard for the final commercially available production bikes – the basic model for proving technology on the race track.

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