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The Brainy World Spinner On Its Axis Supporting Free Admiration Sunny Laughing Gas

by janeausten

Wicked ChiefEditor Diya Saini


Discovery of a Russian attack dating back 50 years

A Spacecraft liftoff for Venus in 1972 by the Soviet Union is currently downhill home in meeting us by mid-2024 to mid-2027. The countries on the hit list of Spacecraft, even if they desire to change their thoughts on Putin by attending hypnosis, will still not earn erasing him from their block list.


Al-Qaeda Islamic Terror Group Are Hooked To News Channels

The Al-Qaeda Group showed its intellectual skills after hearing India News wakes up saying they would blow up India in the spectacular show of Diwali. I appreciate them listening to News, but this results from people who hear Breaking News not proceeding to the finer details. Or you would have known Diwali goes celebrated in November.
God Bless Them & Us!!!

The United Kingdom

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Two mirrors conducted their power in Devon, United Kingdom, by setting two houses on fire. People after this incident have gone suspicious of those residing in the two mansions. Believing they conducted supernatural activities or how the Sun could end up in intense conversation with the Mirror inside the house? When the Sun got angry, he tiptoed, burning the homes. Some people who desire to ignite other people’s houses have reached out to them.

Touchpoints for Diya Saini

Diya Saini is not a new name in the world of modern literature; she has written quite a number of books over the years. She has a rich educational background. He has honors in political science, computer programming certification from the NIIT, MBA in marketing, and a fashion designing certification from the NIFT. She worked in various fields before she found her calling in writing. She wholeheartedly likes to write and make people laugh. In her quest to bring laughter into people’s boring life, she has written ‘The Laugh on the Skipping Skating Samurai Rope’. The book is now available on Amazon. Well, you can also follow her website and Twitter to gather more information about her upcoming books and future plans.

The gifted artist tells that life is a brutal reality and it can make people its puppet if they don’t give up and surrender. Her book reminds the readers to take some time off their busy yet mundane reality and enjoy the moment with her witty gags. The jokes are so versatile, they hit the spot right with their cunning and unapologetic presentation. The book is arranged perfectly, slowly unfolding her thoughts and feelings on different matters. It will make people forget all their worries and get in touch with their inner witty self. Some of her other finest books are ‘Same Pinch’, ‘Kohinoor Web’, ‘June Bull Taint’, and ‘Pretty Woman 2’ among many.


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