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How to design and make your own shirt

by janeausten

In the 21st century, people are looking for different ways to express themselves. Many people use clothing to expression. In particular, T-shirts are the most popular way to express yourself. Yet, you don’t like designer clothes and it’s very easy to learn how to design your own clothes.

Yet, the obstacle to designing professional T-shirts is the studio and the necessary. Materials are expensive so people have to spend a lot of money to make t-shirts. But, if you think it’s worth expressing yourself. Before we start making T-shirts, you need materials.

Money, here are the steps to make a T-shirt.

These are heavy things, so I recommend borrowing them from a company. Or going to a local school to use them if available. You will need a screen, a photo, an emulsion chamber, an emulsion. An amber (or a ruby), a light, a photo for a 셔츠룸, a razor, a lightning rod, sleeves and glue sprayed on an removable surface. .

The first step is to choose the model you want. If you’re printing on a t-shirt for the first time, try choosing a simple pattern to get used to printing on canvas.

Take the rubber and emulsion cleaning kit,

 Cover both sides of the emulsion screen and leave it in the emulsion chamber throughout the day. Be careful not to wear clothes as the emulsion will not come out.

When the emulsion-coated screen is dry, pull the selected pattern onto an amberlite. (or rubillite) and cut out the pattern, but do not press too hard. To reduce the content of ravatetate / rubillite. When the emulsion is dry, take a screen and place the template. On the screen and burn it to the screen using a light exposure. Now you have the pictures you want to wear on your shirt.

Then spray the sleeve with glue (you need to keep it open) and wear a clean shirt (any color). On the sleeve and adjust it with the screen. There should be a closed area above the sleeves on the printer screen.

Now choose the color you want to design for your shirt.

Again, you can choose any color. If you are using a multi-screen printer, create many screens. With the same image and assign only one color to each screen.

Now find where you want to place your template and place the screen. Now pick up the small amount of toner you are using (no toner needed. You have to go out and buy toner to print clothes) at the top of the screen.

Hold the squeegee and press the squeegee and press the color. On the screen while dragging the squeegee down the screen. Open the screen a few times to make sure most of the patterns are cover in color.

Remove the screen and place it on the flash and place it on the shirt.

This process ensures that the paint does not come out of the clothes and dries . Let this shirt stand for about 10-20 seconds. More and your clothes will burn.

Let the shirt cool for about 1-3 minutes. Goodbye! print your shirt. Now you can design intricate designs and make t-shirts yourself. Without spending a lot of money on t-shirts that you can make cheaper.

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