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Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Electric Wall Mounted Fireplaces

by janeausten

Are you planning to go for shopping of fireplaces or electric fires or electric wall mounted fire? Well, when you make your mind of buying an electric fireplace then it’s important that you look at certain factors for ensuring that you will get the most value out of your money.

Therefore, here we are with the best advice that you could ever get about electric wall mounted fireplaces clearance. Please have a look at the most important five things to think about when you’re selecting fireplaces and electric fires.

  1. Consider the Types of Electric Fires –

As we all know that the electric fires come in various configurations. For instance:

  • Freestanding electric fireplace,
  • Inset electric fireplace,
  • Wall-mounted electric fireplace,
  • Radiant bar electric fireplace, and
  • Electric stoves fireplace.

Well, each of these types of electric fireplaces has its pros and cons, but all of them are great options and the right choice of any of the above fireplace is totally depends on your style preferences.

For example, if you have a small space, you can consider buying an inset and wall-mounted fireplaces whereas if you want something that looks more traditional in your place then you can choose either an electric stove fireplace or a freestanding fireplace.

  • Consider the Flame Effects –

Some of the electric fireplaces also feature the illusion of flames along with the option of heat in case you require it to recreate the ambience that your traditional fireplaces offer. However, not all the manufacturers can recreate the effect and a real fire. Therefore, before buying an electric fireplace, make sure that you have checked the flame effects of the electric fireplace that you want.

  • Consider the Size of Electric Fireplace –

The size is another important factor to consider while buying an electric wall mounted fire. However, the size of electric fireplaces is measured in BTUs or KW. Well, the size matters because it tells you that how much heat an electric fire can produce. In fact, it will also let you know that how much energy it will consume.

So, when you go and choose a model with the highest BTU then it doesn’t seem to be the most sensible decision because fireplace that’s too big for your room, will just waste the energy and your money.

So, to decide the perfect size of the electric fireplace, consider the size of your space. And, for a 400 sq. ft. room, an electric fireplace with 4000-5000 BTU will be an ideal choice. So, according to this calculation you can calculate the BTUs required.

  • Consider Extra Features –

Do you know, what is the best thing about electric fireplaces? It is that they come with extra functionalities and features that make these fireplaces easier to use than their traditional counterparts. Therefore, some of the features that are worth considering are:

  • Touch screen displays,
  • Choice of fuel beds,
  • Color changing flame effects,
  • Remote control,
  • Timer,
  • Temperature control, and
  • Auto shut off feature.

However, you can find all these features and more in the electric wall mounted fireplaces clearance by LAOIS stone and stove.


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