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Fun for young and old – a dragon that has to be

by janeausten

On windy days, one of the most beautiful games is kite flying for young and old. Whether professional kites made of high-tech materials or easy-to-control single-liners made of paper, here you will find the right kite for all ages.

The highest happiness

In China, knock off hoverboards the dragon is a sign of happiness, peace, and long life. He is a symbol of power, strength, divine protection, a symbol of the emperor and the power of procreation, but also wisdom and goodness.

The art of kite production has been around in China for 2000 years. Originally Chinese dragons were an element of warfare, later during the Tang Dynasty, colorful dragons made of silk or paper and bamboo became part of traditional culture to depict stories of fairies, flowers, birds, and animals, but also of morality and happiness.

Today, the world’s largest international dragon festival takes place every year in the Chinese city of Weifang. Many factories make kites in Weifang and the handicrafts of handmade dragons have their center here. In the Dragon Museum, hundreds of kites from all parts of the world are shown on an area of 10,000 square meters.

The sky so far

In the beginning, the little ones enjoy the beautiful image of the dragons hanging in the sky. With a propeller flying game or a paper airplane, they make their first experiences with the wind.

Taming the right age to tame the dragon

At the age of 6, a child can already hold the string himself and find the right angle to the wind direction. Single-line kites with a large area, light rods, simple symmetry, and light tail are best suited for the beginning.

The image of the dragon should be easily recognizable and clear in the distance. The balance cord forms the connection between the kite and the flying line. As a result, the pulling force of the string is distributed over several points in the linkage.

The dragon’s tail is not only beautiful to look at but also stabilizes the children’s dragon in the wind.

Kites are kites with at least two lines. Professionals even use four lines, which is for the very cool flying tricks.

Parafoil kites are also a new experience for children aged 10 and over. Rodless you already require a high degree of attention and sensitivity to the wind situation.

In general, it can be said that kites with hard wings tolerate stronger winds and fly higher into the sky. Kites with soft wings do not fly so high but continue to fly.

Finding the right place and good wind

Open fields, fallow land, and meadows on a hill are best suited for flying kites. In coastal regions, you can put dragons in the sky almost all year round. The place should be free of electrical wiring and not close to airports, entry lanes, and roads. Cattle herds could also become a problem if you have to get the dragon out of their midst.

For children, steady wind from one direction is best at the beginning, gusts are then already a greater challenge.

Ideal for most kites is a wind force of 2-3. In case of rain and approaching thunderstorms, you should of course not fly kites.

In the beginning, best mobility scooters it certainly takes some patience and some try to explore the wind situation. From the ground, it is often difficult to match the right gust of wind. Once the dragon is at the right height with constant wind, it quickly rises steeply upwards.

A little tip: Take gloves with you so that the dragon’s string does not cut into the palms of your hands. And dress warmly.

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