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5 Ways to Resolve Error Code on Epson Printer

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Several Epson printer users complained about encountering Epson printer error 0xf issues. However, there are four issues in the Epson printer similar to error zero. Similar errors include Epson error code oxf1, error F2, error 0xf3, error 0xf3, and error 0xf4. All the errors can be resolved with similar troubleshooting.

How to resolve Epson printer error 0xf1 in five ways:

  • Reset Printer
  • Removed Jammed Printer
  • Clean up any debris that has accumulated on the tray of paper
  • Move the printer head assembly to the left
  • Printer troubleshoot

1) Reset the Printer

These are steps to fix error 0xf1 using a reset of the printer

  1. First, shut off the printer before setting the printer.
  2. Take the USB cable off the printer as well as the wall.
  3. Close down the computer or laptop that is running.
  4. It would help if you waited for several minutes, then connected the printer to your computer or notebook.
  5. Switch on the Printer.

2) Removed Jammed Printer

Below are some steps to follow; you can fix the error code 0xf1 by getting rid of the jammed printer-

  1. A paper could cause the error code 0xf1 in the printer to jam up inside the printing device.
  2. Make sure the paper is not jammed, and then turn to take it off it from the Epson Printer.
  3. Take the jammed paper out of the tray for paper printing.
  4. Remove the scanner of the printer to determine if there is any jam. If you spot any paper jammed inside the scanner, you need to remove it.
  5. Close Epson Printer.
  6. The duplexer can be opened from near the top of the printer.
  7. If you discover any paper in the duplexer, get it out.
  8. Then, put the duplexer back into your Epson Printer.

3) Remove Debris From the Paper Tray

Some users have solved error 0xf1 by clearing particles from the tray. Paperclips and other debris from printers’ trays can interfere with the printing experience.

These are steps to repair error 0xf1 by taking out any debris that has accumulated in the paper tray

  1. Then, shut off your printer and remove all USB cables connected to it.
  2. Open the paper tray and look for any debris there, then remove it.
  3. Then, back into the tray of the printing device.

4) Move Printer Head Assembly to Left

Below are some steps to correct error 0xf1 by shifting the Head assembly of the Printer Head Assembly to the left:

The part of the head assembly of your printer could solve the issue of the error code 0xf1. Therefore, first, shut off the printer.

  1. Take out all parts of the USB cable that connects to your printer.
  2. Then, open your Epson Printer.
  3. Take off the head of the printer. Be careful,
  4. When the assembly of your printer doesn’t move swiftly, please do not force it. It may cause harm to your printer.
  5. Transferring the print assembly left to Right to return the printer to its original position.
  6. Connect all of the necessary USB cables and turn them on.

If you fail to put the head assembly of your printer, it is possible to repeat the process 3-4 times to complete it correctly.

5) Epson Printer Troubleshoot

These are steps to resolve error 0xf1 using the troubleshooting of the printer.

  1. To begin the troubleshooting process, press “type here” to find the search field.
  2. Troubleshoot in the search box that appears in Windows 10.
  3. Select the troubleshoot setting to open the troubleshoot setting within the setting.
  4. Choose the printer troubleshooter.
  5. Select the Run option. Click on the Troubleshooter option to initiate Epson printing troubleshooting.
  6. Select the printer to resolve the error 0xf1.
  7. Click the Next button to confirm the troubleshooting.

It’s an issue with mechanical components. If you can’t locate any materials, plastics, or other substances within the printer that block the head’s movement and remain inoperable, it’s a mechanical issue.

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