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There are many places to see in Pune, including the Aga Khan Palace and Shaniwar Wada as well as the numerous parks and shops along FC Road and Hong Kong Lane. Sometimes it’s better to get out of the city and escape from the urban environment. Puneites have many options for places to visit near their city. You can also camp instead of staying in a resort or hotel. You have many options for camping, including basic campsites and luxury tents, depending on your budget.

It’s easy to access, with the availability of tents or, for beginners, operators who can arrange camping and tents for you. These are some of the places you can find hidden campsites near Pune, in the vicinity of the Western Ghats, and along the Konkan Coast. Make sure you have enough water and that your campsite is clean.



Pawna Lake is a great option if you want to camp close to your home. Pawna Lake, an ancient lake that is located approximately 60km from Mumbai, remains a popular spot for Mumbai residents. It is far from Khandala and Lonavala, making it a great option for hill stations with high-volume tourism. It is best to visit after the monsoon as there is only greenery all around.A boat ride is also available here.

You can also relax and enjoy the beautiful views from Powai Lake Garden. This lake in Mumbai offers a stunning view of Mumbai. Tourists come here to explore the Powai Plains. This artificial lake is quite quiet, even though it is near Mumbai. Here you can spend some time at a campsite and take in the views from the hills. The lake’s water is ideal for swimming, and you can warm up by the bonfire. This campsite is ideal for first-time campers to experience the wonders and adventure of camping.


Bordi Beach is an excellent place to camp, especially if it’s your first time. You don’t need to climb the Western Ghats, unlike some other entries. You just need to go to the beach (about 280km or five and a quarter hours from Pune) and set up camp. The serene beach is best enjoyed with a group. You can relax and enjoy the stars or have fun with your friends. You can visit the Aswali Dam, explore the local market, or visit a nearby village. At night, you can light a bonfire on the beach. You can also visit the Kalpataru Botanical Garden or Sapodilla Bagh.


The hill fort at Harishchandragad, located about 135km from the city is a popular trekking spot in the area. You should spend the night camping on the hill if you plan to climb the hill and visit the fort. You can also enjoy bonfires under the stars in a historical fort, rock climbing, trekking, or hiking deep into the gorges. The campsite at Harishchandragad offers spectacular views of the Western Ghats. You have plenty of time to do the adventure activities mentioned before retiring for the night.


When you hear Kamshet, the first thing that comes to your mind is “paragliding”. Kamshet is located only 50kms from Pune. This place is where adventure seekers who want to live a life of adventure will find it. This place is synonymous with adventure activities. You can have a wonderful time here by sleeping in a tent or at a traditional campsite such as barbecue, campfires, singing, and dancing. Kamshet offers paragliding, but it’s also easily accessible from Lonavala or Khandala. There are many attractions around Kamshet, including Karla Caves and Tikona Fort, Lohagarh Fort, Tikona Fort, and Tung Fort. What is the easiest part? The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is a wonderful place to see paragliding activities. It is a wonderful feeling to see the glider fly into the sky and land perfectly.


Kolad, also known as the Rishikesh Maharashtra, is a charming village nestled among the valleys and waterfalls of Raigad. The campsites at Kolad are home to the Kundalika River. It is South India’s fastest-flowing river. This village is ideal for hiking and wildlife viewing due to its rugged terrain. Adventure sports and water sports are also inspired by the misty peaks. The area is also popular for white water rafting and banana boat rides, as well as trekking and mountaineering. Picnickers will find Sutarwadi Lake with its playful birds a tranquil environment. Kolad offers tranquil resorts, homestays, and campgrounds for those looking to escape urban life. They are located around magnificent forts such as Tala Fort or Ghosla Fort.

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