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The perfect Halloween party

by janeausten

Here we have put together some tips for you that you can easily be inspired by.

The right decoration

In America, it is important that the house is perfectly decorated both internally and externally. This degenerates into a competition in which the neighbors trump each other. In Germany, world’s biggest snake you can do without these big material battles. But if you are planning a hearty party, you should pay attention to the right decoration.

The younger the participants, the bloodless it should be. But spiders, ghosts or carved pumpkins can be decorated for any age group. In well-stocked specialist shops you can buy all sorts of decorations. If you want to decorate for children, it makes sense to make a few creepy pieces together with them. In craft shops you will find the right materials for this.

You can achieve quite creepy results with small plastic spiders and cotton wool or cotton threads. In addition, a few flickering lanterns (careful with candles because of the fire hazard!). Colorful LED lights or covered lamps also provide the right mood.

With paper and scissors you can cut out bats or make ghost garlands with your little helpers according to templates from the Internet. By the way, you can also make them from fabric. You can cut out skeletons and pumpkins from clay paper.

If you work with Window Color, you can also decorate your windows nicely with it or with purchased decals. And also every mirror in the house. Don’t forget to stick decoration on the outside of the front door so that every visitor gets a hearty fright.

You can find out how to carve creepy pumpkins in our article about it: Halloween – Pumpkin Time!

Suitable costumes

You can buy simple masks or tailor costumes yourself. You can also buy whole costume sets. Ready-made costumes with matching make-up and accessories can be found in every well-stocked specialist shop.

For the party you have to decide in advance whether it will be a ghost party or maybe a vampire party or a werewolf meeting. Even a scary movie can be a motto for a party.

Older children, for example, can meet for a disguised horror evening, where they watch horror films suitable for their age. One of the films could be the motto for the party. For example, Casper, the friendly spirit. Or the Addams Family. Maybe the Ghostbusters?


At a theme party where you want to watch scary movies, the little ghosts may be less interested in games. But for this, the food or “finger food” becomes all the more interesting.

Recipe ideas

The scarier, the better. This also applies to the food. You can score with cookies in ghost form as well as with sausages in a sleeping skirt, poison the data which you present in a suitable form as wrapped mummies. Or offer with ketchup as cut off fingers? A lot of creepy glibber fun results from food from the gods, which you can decorate with edible sweets such as white mice. Or you offer dog piles made of delicious chocolate as a funny disgust factor?

However, the food you want to present depends on your skill as a chef and your wallet. And of possible allergies and taste preferences. You can get many ideas on the net or buy corresponding recipe books.

Tip: The better you plan the party in advance, the better it succeeds. Therefore, get suggestions in good time before Halloween and get all important craft and decoration materials in the specialist trade.

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