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Low Price Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

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Low Price Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Low Price Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi 2022

When people think of Abu Dhabi safari prices or any part of the UAE, they often think of the sophisticated infrastructure of the bustling city or the searing heat of the desert sands.

However, all it takes for visitors to change their view of the hypnotic dunes is an exhilarating Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi!

Of course, managing the budget is always an essential factor in planning your Abu Dhabi Holiday, which is why our Low Price Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi would be the perfect choice to ensure that your trip to the UAE is the whole complete package.

Availing a lower price doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this exciting escapade you must experience!

Included in all the affordable Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Packages is the iconic dune-bashing experience, where you hop into a sturdy 4×4 piloted by an experienced driver behind the wheel to take on the mighty dunes.

Head-to-head! Riders’ hearts will soar as they kick up sand and defy gravity in a safari experience like no other.

If you’re itching to step a little outside your comfort zone, a desert safari also provides an excellent opportunity for some Quad Biking in Abu Dhabi.

You can test your skill against the fickle sands as you weave through the winding dunes! You might also choose to enjoy some Abu Dhabi Sandboarding, the desert’s unique twist on snowboarding, for a completely surreal experience.

But Abu Dhabi Desert Safaris are not only about getting your heart racing. Besides Extreme Tourism in Abu Dhabi, several relaxing activities will set you at ease.

Key among these is the chance to catch the marvel of the shifting colors of the sunlight against the desert sands, which is a breathtaking spectacle that everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime.

The desert experience is ideally timed to catch the sunrise, in a Morning Desert Safari when the glare begins to cut over the peaks of the dunes, or the sunset, with an Evening Desert Safari when you can feel the desert breathe its sigh of relief as the night sets in and the stars come out.

However, some also opt for the Overnight Desert Safari experience, where the night is spent at a Bedouin camp, nestled in the comfort of a desert oasis like the nomads of old.

Here, guests are served traditional meals for the authentic experience, accompanied by other cultural highlights such as belly dancing performances, henna art, and shisha smoking, complete with cuisine that includes local specialties like barbecued meat and dates.

Once your Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is complete, your driver will escort you to the comfort of your hotel. Just remember, whichever your choice, whether a costly or Cheap Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi, one thing is for sure – you will never see the desert the same way again.

Desert Safari Experiences – a Day Full of Adventure

The Arab Emirates may be wildly popular for their sky-high buildings and luxury, but that’s certainly not all they have to boast about.

The sprawling deserts have their distinct charm, and when it comes to having a wholesome Emirati experience, no traveler should miss out on spending a day or two in these arid expanses.

This 2-day tour takes you through the city of Dubai, showing you attractions like Burj Al Arab hotel and Al Fahidi Fort to the Arabian desert for an authentic desert experience.

Juveniles can enjoy adventure activities like dune-bashing and sandboarding and learn about hunting at the Falcon Show.

The swirling Tanoura folk and belly dance are presented for entertainment while you smoke a Shisha. You’ll also have plenty of time to shop to your heart’s content at the Spice Souk and Gold Souk.

Dream Journey Tourism

Perfect for a half-day excursion, this 7-hour itinerary starts in Dubai and proceeds to the Lahbab desert, the most remote desert place in the city.

You’ll be accompanied by well-informed guides who will acquaint you with the place’s history, culture, cuisine, important monuments, etc.

The tour also stops for the camel and quad-bike rides before heading towards the desert. The peak of the time is the adrenaline-filled dune drive, followed by spirited dune-bashing.

Another 7-hour trip takes travelers to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where they receive their Adventure Pack and the Sheila/Ghutra, the traditional headscarf. Ride through the desert dunes on a 45-minute camel safari.

The highlight of this tour is an evening at their authentic torch-lit Bedouin camp, complete with traditional Henna artists, live bread making, Arabic coffee making, camel rides, and aromatic shisha pipes.

Admire the Emirati entertainment performances, like drumming and Yola, against the sunset views of the desert.

This tour begins with a warm, traditional welcome at the Majlis ABC Tours desert safari camp with Arabian treats, dates, and Ghawar. After enjoying the camel rides and sandboarding, you can relax in the typical Majilis seating.

Children can get their hands adorned by henna designers, while adults can experience the pleasures of authentic hookah pipes. You can also try wearing the traditional Arab attire – Abaya for women and Kandura for men.

Emirates Tours and Safaris

From Abu Dhabi, guests are taken straight to the Emirates Tours Desert Camp at AL Khatim North for 6 hours of exciting desert activities.

Dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel riding are built into the package and will surely leave you exhilarated after the adrenaline rush.

You can also taste authentic Arabic tea, coffee, and dates, and at the end of the evening, gorge on a delicious barbeque meal. The tour also gives you a peek into the local culture through traditional Tanoura and belly dancing shows.

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