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Kashmir tour package: everything to know

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Have you ever fancied yourself surrounded by pyramid-like sharpened peak Sound of Music scenery? 

Cottage here and there peeping through the trees sweet song of black neck crane and dashing of some waterfalls around question mark if you do then you must be thinking about Kashmir in your mind? 

The magnificence of Kashmir has been phrased by tourists for ages.

Kashmir  is the Canvas of immense beauty.

Because of the various things it has to offer, Kashmir is also known as Paradise on Earth. Call it a home of lovely glades and forest. 

Slights of vast mists rising from the rivers curling in thin spirals around the opposite mountain lovely glades and forests.

Slights of vast mists rising from rivers curling in thin spirals around the opposite mountain lovely Glades and forest the Chinar, pineapple, cedar are sober and the soft air ruffling the water causing pleasant motion among the trees from which it wasted the most delightful of sounds of water adding an air of serenity to the scene.

Clouds sometimes Rise above the mountain and suit the eyes of tourists. It is one of the most beautiful choices for tourists to spend their holidays in the lap of the natural magic of the tiny hamlets.

Kashmir is not only known for extensively exploring travel spots like Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yusmarg, or Sonmarg but also the places which are not known to the tourist and the world till a few decades back.

The real magic is in the enchanting tiny hamlets of Kashmir where the tourists breathe a degree of renovating worms as it is untouched by the evil effects of the population.

 Pollution is the world where skies are not cut into the lens and slices overhead power lines. 

Yes, the lesser-known Kashmir is the real magic that makes sightseeing more interesting and blissful for tourists all over the world.

Here are some list Offbeat tourist attractions and Kashmir to record in the Chambers of the Heart.

  1. Chhath Par
  2. Daksum
  3. Karnah 
  4. Warwan valley
  5. Watlab 
  6. Gurez
  7. Lolab valley
  8. Tulalip valley
  9. Bhaderwah
  10. Lolab valley

Interesting facts about Kashmir

India’s longest railway tunnel, the Pir Panjal Railway tunnel or the Banihal Railway tunnel is 11215 km or 7 miles long commas 8.4 m wide 7.39 meters tall. 

It’s India’s longest and Asia’s fourth longest railway tunnel.  

Unique accommodations: the houseboat or Shikara stays are unique experiences highly recommended and usually included in good packages.

Kashmiris of Kashmir -Kashmir Valley a largely Muslim few Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist small groups of Gujjar and Bakar world live along the mountain. 

Commonly spoken languages are Kashmiri and Urdu. 

Many speak these in English as a second language as dual citizens. 

It is the only India where the citizens have both Indian as well Kashmiri citizen season and capital.

 There is no rainy season due to limited rainfall and the seasons are broadly summer and winter or spring summer autumn and winter.

 Srinagar in Kashmir Valley is the summer capital while Jammu is the winter capital of the most popular tourist spots of Kashmir.

The State best destinations for Kashmir such as 





Best tourist Spots such as 


Bagh Chashme Shahi 

Pari Mahal 

Lake such as 

Dal Lake 



Hindu pilgrimage visits to the Holy places  such as:

Vaishno Devi and Amarnath

The list of places you must visit during a tour.

Jammu and Kashmir


Dal Lake

Mughal Gardens 



Shopping in Kashmir: An art and craft lover must spend a day shopping for authentic goods in Kashmir.

Some suggestions listed the best shopping places in Kashmir that included textiles, tea spices, and handcraft

Top 6 places for Kashmir

Saranal Payeen Anantnag Kashmir:           For metal crafts

Heritage:                                                   For traditional wear 


 For Kashmiri jewelry 

Shri Kedarnath:                                                     Shop for sandalwood and metals

Royal Kashmir:                                                For dry fruits 

Pic and choose:                                               For tea products and more                                  

The mountains, lakes, and values of Kashmir are like heaven on Earth.It is a popular year-round tourist site in North India, attracting thousands of people each year.

The main source of revenue for the state is mainly tourism. This also includes shopping, so vineyards are contributed by local weavers and craftsmen.

While exploring Kashmir you will find locals sitting in notes and corners selling handicrafts and years.

If you are the kind of a person who likes to buy such stuff while traveling to a new state then you must go shopping in Kashmir and buy amazing stuff for your loved ones.

Things to buy in Kashmir

Pashmina Shawls and blankets 


Traditional Jewelry

Dress Material 

Wooden objects

Silver item

Fruits and dry fruits

Kashmiri cuisine is the cuisine of Kashmir Valley in the Indian subcontinent. Rice is the staple food of Kashmiri and has been so since ancient times meat Along with rice. Some vegetables and salads are prepared on special occasions like Eid. Kashmiri consumes meat voraciously.

Popular dishes

Rogan josh Madhur pulav 



Dum Aloo 

Kashmiri Muji and

Aab gosht


Kashmir is an ideal place for trekking, solo trips, family vacation, and of course honeymoon, it is a complete package of adventure, thrill, romance trekking, and skiing.

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