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5 Indications That Your Main Waterline Needs To Be Repaired

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Damage to the main water line is a nightmare for any household, and it is only better if you learn about the water main line leakage issues sooner. There are few indications with which you may be able to guess whether your main water line is leaking. You can hire plumbers from experienced plumbing companies like Beall Plumbing Services of Pittsburgh in case of any leakage.

Here are five indications that mean your main water line has a problem.

If you find puddles in your yard:

Puddles are common in the yards, but if you observe some extra green around the water mainline, it may be because of the excess water the puddles are getting. If this is followed, your main water line may be leaking. Call any of the plumbers in Gibsonia as per your locality to fix the issue.

Your water bills are unusually high:

Suppose you are someone who monitors the water bill and notices the considerable difference in the water bill. It may be due to a lot of water going to waste by leakage. You can contact any expert plumbing services in your area to have it fixed as quickly as possible.

The water pressure in the house drops dramatically:

The water pressure in every household is generally 45 to 50 pounds per square inch (psi). If the water pressure is dramatically low in your house, or if you think the pressure at which the water coming from the shower has slowed down, it may not be because of any potential leakage in your main water line. You can check the water pressure in your house by acquiring the gauge.

If you are hearing a strange gurgling sound in the toilet:

You may also hear some peculiar gurgling sound near the toilet or any sink after a flush or running water through the sink. If the sound is unusual, it may indicate that your main water line is compromised. This is the time to call upon any plumbers in Cranberry Township as per your locality.

If cracks appear on the foundation walls of your house:

Another indication, which is a bigger problem, is if you found cracks on the foundation walls. If the main water line is leaking, the concrete walls of the foundation are going to absorb the water. When it becomes excess, cracks will appear on the foundation walls.

If something like this happens, it can threaten the strength of your house, which is not something you want. After all, it is a very sad feeling to see a crack in the walls of the house you have built from all your savings.

What can you do?

The first and foremost thing you can do is, know where your main shut-off valve is. This is important as at the time of emergencies like a sudden bursting of the pipes or the sudden bursting of the main water line, make sure to shut off the valve. You can save a lot of trouble if you know you’re shut-off valve.

Head over to Beall Plumbing Services of Pittsburgh for any problems related to plumbing. With a pool of experienced plumbers who are local to the area, you will get the best experience with the plumbers.

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