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How to Plan Your Trip with Bir Billing

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Bir Billing


Everything you need to know about arranging a vacation to Bir Billing, including how to get there, the best time to visit, and what to see and do, including paragliding, food, and lodging.

An Introduction to Bir Billing:

Are you thinking about visiting Bir Billing? Paragliding is highly popular in this lovely little rural community in Himachal Pradesh. Many people believe that Bir Billing is the best site to fly paragliding after Lake Como in Italy. The sky littered with paragliders is one of the first things you see as you approach Bir.

To be clear, Bir is a Himachal Pradesh village in the Kangra district. Bir has been so closely associated with paragliding that the moniker “Billing” (the name of the sport) has been coined.

Bir Billing, on the other hand, isn’t simply about paragliding. In Bir, there is a lot to do and see, from camping to trekking to mountain biking. 

Fun fact: Bir is named after Birsen, a Sen dynasty ancestor

Bir Billing: Address

Bir, as previously said, is a small village in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra District’s Joginder Nagar Valley.

The paragliding launch place, Billing, is located 14 kilometers north of Bir on a field. It is situated at a height of 2,400 meters above sea level.

Dharamshala (64 km, 2 hr), Manali (159 km, 5 hr), and Kullu are all within easy driving distance of Bir (118 km,4 hr).

Palampur is the nearest large city (30 km, 1 hr)

Map of Bir Billing

  • Rail transport

Anju is the closest railway station (3 km). However, it is a narrow-gauge station with minimal connectivity.

Pathankot (143 km) is the nearest broad gauge railway station, which is well connected to India’s major cities.

Trains, on the other hand, are not the ideal means to go to Bir.

  • Airplane

Dharamshala (68 miles, limited connectivity), Chandigarh (286 km), and Delhi are the closest airports (535 km).

  • Via Road, The majority of visitors arrive in Bir by car.

Direct buses go from Delhi (514 miles, overnight journey) and other major destinations including Shimla, Manali, Kullu, and Dharamshala to Bir. From these neighboring famous tourist destinations, private and shared cabs are also accessible.

Billing from Delhi to Bir

Is there a good time to visit Bir Bir?

The temperature and rainfall data for Bir are shown in the table above. The months of May, June, and July have the highest temperatures. The months of July, August, and September have the most rain.

It is important to know that paragliding is not possible during the monsoon season (July-Sep)

The optimum time to visit is from October to April when temperatures and rainfall are at their lowest.

If you aren’t interested in paragliding, you might wish to visit near the conclusion of the rainy season. Bir is rich green at this time of year, which is a visual delight.

How to Get Around Bir

The term Bir might be misleading and perplexing at times. This is because the word “Bir” is used to refer to several settlements in the vicinity of the main Bir. As a result, while speaking with taxi drivers, tour guides, and other service providers, you may want to be quite detailed.

All of these communities are small and close together. They’re easy to get to on foot or by bicycle.

Bicycles or motorcycles (including scooters) are the cheapest and most efficient modes of transportation in Bir. 

Taxis are also available in Bir. Bir is a little town with everything close by, so it shouldn’t be too expensive. If you’re traveling in a group, use a taxi.

The following are some of the most popular places in Bir:

  • Upper Bir vs. Bir Proper:

This is Bir’s main hub, and it was here that the first towns were established. The Bir Bazaar and the Bir Co-operative Tea Factory are both located here.

  • Chaugan vs. Colony:

The Tibetan Colony and a paragliding landing point are part of Bir’s core business area. This is where the majority of the lodging (including Zostel) is found.

Tourists and Tibetan refugees alike patronize the neighborhood’s quirky eateries. This is also where the Deer Park Institute is located.

  • Gunther:

It’s a little, charming village on the Gunehar River’s banks. You can take a stroll to the Gunehar river before hiking up the hill to a waterfall.

  • Ghornala and Dhanaari:

On the peninsula, there are two more settlements.

Sherab Ling (Bhattu):

Another hamlet. The Sherab Ling Monastery is located there.

Bir’s villages

1) Paragliding is one of the things to do in Bir.

The most popular sport in Bir is certainly paragliding. The climb is thrilling in and of itself, and the view over Bir village from the top is stunning.

The paragliding launch place is on Billing, a meadow 14 kilometers north of Bir, as previously stated.

Paragliding reservations can be booked directly from Bir. You won’t have any trouble locating the booking locations. Each 15-20 minute paragliding session costs between Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 2000.

At an extra cost, you can have the entire trip video filmed with a Go-Pro camera (approx. Rs. 500)

To minimize disappointment during peak season, we recommend making a reservation in advance (online).

After making the reservation in Bir, the guide will transport you to Billing in a Jeep. The paraglide will take off from Billing and land near the village of Chaugan in Bir. The landing point is close to all of Bir’s major attractions.

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