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Here Is How You Can Use Your Smartphone To Capture High-Quality Product Images

by janeausten
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Gone are the days when we could get high-quality images only in professional cameras. These days, phones come with cameras that capture images which look lifelike. The cameras in mobiles can help one take a pretty standard picture of the products that one might want to sell. 

To capture a high-quality image, the camera’s resolution on the mobile should be over 12 Mega Pixels. A phone with a high-resolution lens and other features can cost higher. With EMI options like VIVO V21 EMI down payment, good quality phones are becoming more affordable to people.

Let us first know the accessories needed to capture good images:

1. Tripod:

Capturing steady images is a crucial step to getting a good quality picture. Hence to hold the mobile in the place, it is preferable to use a tripod or stand. The size of the tripod can vary depending on the size of the object shot.

2. Camera Apps:

While the inbuilt camera apps in many mobiles take good clicks, certain apps can enhance the quality of the images. It is advisable to have such apps installed.

3. Remote:

Since the picture is clicked by tapping on the screen, it can cause the phone to shake. It, in turn, will make the image a blurred one. Hence one can add on a wireless remote to capture the picture and produce a good quality image.

4. Add on lenses:

One can use lenses that mount themselves on the phone’s natural lenses. It can help cover wide angles and zoom the object to capture good images.

What are the preparations needed before the shoot?

The following are the few setups one needs to do before the shoot:

  • Choose a flat surface where one can keep the background, product, and smartphone with the tripod.
  • If the shoot is done at the time of day, one can use natural lighting, which is the best because it helps capture a good quality image. If the shooting is to be done at night, one might need to use artificial light. But it is advisable to shoot during the day as it can help one capture the picture of the exact product.
  • It would be better to use a white cloth or white paper for the background. Make sure that the backdrop fills the frame. Using a foam board can help bounce light to soften the shadows.
  • Clean your lenses before capturing the image. With an air-blower and soft-bristled brush, you can manually remove the dirt on the lens.

What are the settings to be made on the phone?

  1. Have the phone wholly charged and with enough storage.
  2. Set up the white balance on the phone.
  3. Check the exposure.
  4. Focus precisely on the object.
  5. Also, have the grid function on as it helps align the object in the desired location.
  6. Once all the settings are done and ready, make sure to lock the camera settings. It will help in any further auto adjustments.

After the options are set, one can capture images of the product. Kindly remember the following points while capturing the picture:

  1. Make sure to capture multiple images that cover all the details of the product.
  2. Kindly refrain from taking a selfie.
  3. Ensure that the flash of the camera is switched off.
  4. Never zoom in on the camera, as it can reduce the clarity of the image.

How do you go about editing?

One can indeed capture a good image with a camera of high resolution. But the image will look incomplete without minor enhancements. It is where the editing apps come in handy. One can edit even using the phone’s native camera app. 

By editing, one can adjust the exposure, shadows, contrast and vibrancy. One can crop the relevant part of the image. One can even edit the picture on their PC.


Thus we can conclude that we can capture a high-quality image of the product using a mobile with a high-resolution camera. With a high range of options available, one can always buy a phone appropriate for their use. 

The choice of paying EMI while purchasing the phone has made such good quality phones budget-friendly for the public.

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