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Best Digital Wedding Invitation Creators For Wedding Ceremony

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Inform your loved ones about your special day i.e Wedding day with the digital wedding invitation. Online wedding invitations are ideal for couples and the first choice if you are eco-conscious. These are also for those who want to commit to a virtual wedding theme.

Whether you want to create your own digital wedding invitation or are looking for a service that can handle it for you the options available online are immense.

Brief About Digital Wedding Invitation

Digital wedding invitations are a good alternative to physical versions that are printed wedding cards, but not for every couple. Since all couples have different preferences and ideas that they want to have for the wedding. Digital wedding invites are a quick and easy way to let family and friends know about your big day.  You can consider having both digital and printed invites. Since you can use digital for  Save the date announcements and have a formal printed invitation to follow.

Going digital will take away your stress from the possibility of guests losing, misplacing, or having their invitations lost in the mail. Your digital wedding invite will always be just a click or tap away to view and share from anywhere. 

As we’re living within this increasingly digital age, it may seem quite fitting for couples to opt for this digital option. Going paperless is a great way to do your part in helping out the environment. 

If you decide to have a service that helps you with a digital invitation template. The good news is that the transition to digital technology should save you valuable money, which would otherwise be expensive to print and send.

Looking for an environment and saving some money? Then sending digital wedding invitations is a great alternative to consider!

Time to Create Your Own Digital Wedding Invitation


Canva is a free online design application that can be downloaded for Mac, Windows, Android or iOS. Once you have created a free account, you are ready to start designing your own digital wedding invites.

Choose whether you want to start your project from the start or use the Canva templates of wedding invitations. This program also has a number of free images and other features that you can use in your project or choose to upload your own content.

Customize your digital wedding invitation with your names, wedding date, wedding hashtag, and more. While there are many user-friendly tools to help you quickly customize your masterpiece, Canva also offers a number of tutorials to help you create the design of your dreams.

If you are satisfied with your digital wedding announcement, you can download your design directly to your computer or photo wallpaper and start sending it to your guests. Canva also has the ability to share your creation directly on social networks or by email. If you choose to announce your guest list via a group on Facebook, an email chain or other link sharing is a great option.


By signing up for a free Evite account, you will have access to design your own card or browse their wide selection of digital wedding invitation templates. Whether you are designing a template or choosing a template that suits your style, you can customize the invitation.

Are you ready to send your digital wedding invites to your guests? With Evite, you can easily share your invitation via SMS, email or Facebook. Evite also demonstrates the ability to monitor RSVPs, send messages to your guest list and create polls. 

Whether you are planning a complete virtual wedding ceremony or even a hybrid ceremony, Evite has the ability to easily host a virtual party. With this feature, you can help plan your big day with your loved ones near and far or even organize your entire wedding ceremony live via video chat if you are looking for a wedding. there is no pandemic.

Another unique feature of Evite is that visitors can share photos within your event’s private channel. When your big day comes, everyone on your guest list can record their favourite memories so that everyone can see and enjoy them for many years.


If you are looking for a service that would turn your ideas for digital wedding invitations into reality, do so at GreenVelope. This page allows you to customize your invitations, track your RSVP, and send a guest list quickly.

Once you customize your electronic wedding invitation, GreenVelope allows you to easily upload your guest’s contact information via a spreadsheet, email list, or address book.

From here, this service provides an address verification process that verifies all your visitors’ emails. This feature is designed to relieve the stress associated with returning your digital wedding invitations.

After your guests receive your digital wedding invitation, you can track their RSVP responses. In real-time, as well as send messages to your guest list with updates and even conduct surveys to find out your guests’ opinions on any wedding planning issues that arise. . GreenVelope also automatically sends reminders to your visitors when your RSVP is approaching.

Wish N Wed – Digital Wedding Invitation

Wish N Wed offers a wide range of digital wedding invitations, including video invitations, GIF invitations, save the date invitations, wedding websites and pdf invitations for all your wedding activities. Customize your online wedding invitation tool or choose the one that is perfectly designed for your needs. Wish N Wed, really believe that your email invitation should be as unique as yours, and we invite your own invitations for all occasions.

Wedding invitations are tailor-made with concepts to suit your wedding style. Customize your wedding video, from a 2-state video to a love theme, from modern to traditional, floral illustrations to bridal and wedding illustrations. Engagement video invitations, digital invitation Mehendi & Sangeet, electronic invitation with bachelor or goodbye, video with an Indian wedding announcement.


Minted is a popular place for printed invitations, but they also offer online wedding invitations. First, choose occasions such as an engagement party, bachelor party or rehearsal dinner. You can then browse through the variety of designs available and customize your own colours, photos, and details.

Minted digital wedding invitations are delivered in the form of a film experience. After selecting and customizing your electronic card, you can select the desired background for a short video presentation, where screenshots will finally show the design of your card.

These digital invitations are optimized for desktops, smartphones and tablets. You can easily see what each example will look like on the page. Once you are satisfied with your proposal, send your invitations to your guest list. Minted will help you keep track of your RSVP and allow you to quickly contact guests with surveys or updates.

Paperless Post

Choose from digital wedding card designs, flyers, and designer wedding collections or upload your own design with paperless mail. This service offers a wide range of card designs to suit your wedding theme, whether you are planning a virtual, modern, destination or rustic wedding.

Once you start browsing the options, you can choose to filter the results by popularity, price, colour, shape, designer, and whether you want to add a photo to them. This way, you can be sure that you will find exactly the style that you and your partner are looking for.

When editing an electronic wedding announcement, don’t be afraid to add links to your wedding website or even staff registers. Customizing your card also includes choosing a virtual background and envelope design. Before you click submit, you can view the experience. Your guests will see your digital invites especially animated to retrieve from their virtual envelope.

You can now create your guest list and send an invitation by email or get a link. So you can share your wedding details via SMS or social media. Once your invitations are sent, Paperless Post will help you manage your guest list and track valuable RSVPs.

The price of Paperless Post digital invitations depends on the design. The site operates its own coin system, where each card is worth a certain number of coins per recipient. Adding important elements to your virtual design, such as attaching an envelope, background, stamp or answer card, will cost more coins.


Etsy also offers a wide selection of digital wedding invitations. If you’re not familiar with this online marketplace, individuals create their own personal shops. Allowing you to choose from a variety of artists and businesses on the Etsy site.

Go for a more traditional look to your digital wedding invitations or explore some of the more creative options. Including a watercolour portrait of you and your partner or even an animated painting. Figure.

The services offered depend on the Etsy shop you purchase. But usually, you will receive a digital file of the design you purchased from the shop owner. From there, you can virtually easily send this file to your guest list via email, SMS, or social media.  Other options for digital wedding invitations on 

 Etsy includes purchasing digital templates that you can design and personalize yourself. Some of these downloads are available immediately after purchase. But if you order a custom design or a couple’s portrait, it can take several days. Keep this in mind if you are sending the invitation immediately. The price of the Etsy Digital Wedding Invitation also depends on the Etsy shop you choose.

Go Digital!

With so many great digital wedding invitation designs and services to choose from. We hope you and your partner are considering digitizing now. Although not the right decision for all couples, digital wedding cards are a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option than mailing stationery.

No need to wait for stamps, stuffing envelopes, or lost RSVP cards in the mail. Digital invitations are a quick and efficient way to invite guests online and virtually track all  RSVP details.

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