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All You Need to Know About Programming Languages Their Features and Types

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A programming language is a language that develops the computer programmers to communicate and instruct machines to execute instructions for the computer. Every computer language has syntax. Once the programmer gets familiar with the rules of the language, they can write computer programs that comprise predetermined instructions for the computer to conduct specific operations. Computer science students look for programming assignment help while completing their academic projects.

Feature of programming languages

There are many different programming languages that computer programmers use for different purposes. All the programming languages consist of the following features, which make them popular among  the computer programmers:

  • The programming languages must be simple and easy to understand for computer programmers.
  • The programming language must be portable and should be able to run on different computer platforms.
  • The syntax and structure of the programming language must be symmetric and should have a structure that should enable the user to develop computer software quickly.
  • Supporting language tools such as compiler, debugger, etc., should be regularly updated to ensure maximum convenience.
  • The programming language should be highly efficient to be executed effectively.

Types Of Programming Languages

The programming language has a versatile functionality and is useful for various purposes. Here are the different types of programming languages:

Low-Level Programming Languages:

It comprises writing a code that the assembler can directly execute. These types of programming are use for low power consuming IOT-based devices. Computer engineers work on memory management.

High-Level Programming Languages:

This type of programming language is the one in which memory management is done instinctively. These programming languages
are easier to use, but they create less effective code. When the code is written, it needs to be compiled into a machine language. Some of the most common programming languages are high-level programming languages.

Declarative Programming:

It follows a computing paradigm in which the programming developer focuses on the objective of the program rather than the procedure..
Object-oriented programming:

It is a programming model that focuses on software design. It focuses on the objects of the program which is easy to manipulate. The classes, objects and attributes make up the elements of the object-oriented base programming language.

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