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5 best trekking destinations in Mumbai

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For all the ones who are staying in Mumbai or planning to go there having tremendous wanderlust within themselves , here’s one article specially dedicated to you guys. Trekking can be a heap of emotions to travelers. It is a concoction of adventure , thrill , exploration and most importantly ecstasy. So in this article , I am gonna talk about 5 such best trekking places for your next stop. 

These are the 5 best trekking destinations – 

  1. Devkund Waterfall Trek
  2. Kalsubai Trek
  3. Lohagad Trek
  4. Harishchandragad Fort Trek
  5. Andharban Trek

Devkund Waterfall Trek- 

Location – Bhira 

Duration – Approximately a day

Difficulty – Medium

This is undeniably the best waterfall of India with the amalgamation of three waterfalls that is often known as origin of Kundalika River. It takes almost 3 hours to complete this in the whole and is very affordable too priced at around INR 850. The ‘Bathing Pond of Gods’ is also a beautiful spot for also some amazing sightseeing , pleasant background for your next social media post! While you’re at it , do visit the Bhira Dam and Tahmini Ghat. Children below 12 years are not allowed for this one. Many travel agencies offer brilliant packages for this expedition. It generally consists of a pick up point that the agency chooses , from there transportation will be provided to Bhira Village which takes approximately 5 hours.

Some common pick up  points include –

  • Kharghar – Hotel Three Star
  • Goregaon – Pathanwadi Oberoi Mall
  • Andheri – WEH Metro Station Bus Stop
  • Bandra – Kala Nagar WEH Bus Stop


Kalsubai Trek – 

Location – Bari Gaon

Length – 7-8 kms

Difficulty – Easy

This is the most famous trek done by most of the people who visit this place. At almost 1646 meters above sea level in Sahyadris , this place gives you the best thrill you can imagine. Once you’ve reached the top , you can go visit the small ancient temple constructed in memory of Kalsubai. You have other places such as Harihar Gad, Anjaneri , Kulgad and many more.

The presence of railings , steps and ladders make this trek more easier and feasible to do. Don’t miss this one out while you visit the place!

Lohagad Trek – 

Location – Lohagad

Length – From Mumbai it’s almost 94 km

Difficulty – Moderate

The Lohagad Fort is known for its mystifying and tricky multi purpose route from the base village.You can take a bus or cab to the base village and the pathway is covered with beautiful picturesque views , flora around every corner and a lush green backdrop giving a scenic look. This is situated towards the side of Sahyadri Mountains and is called Iron Fort. However the main attraction in this trek is to do it during the monsoon season. It looks the best at this time of the year but be careful however it might be slippery and risky. This one day trek is a true blend of history and adventure.

Harishchandragad Fort Trek – 

Location – Malshej Ghat region

Length – 20 km

Difficulty – Easy

Housed at a height of 4665 feet above the ground , this is a 2 day long trek and is totally worth the physical and mental burden you face once you reach the final destination. An intricately constructed place with a huge history can be accessed through 7 different routes with the Khireshwar route being the most well known among tourists. This route has picturesque views and will bedazzle your eyes. I can bet by the end of this trek you’ll feel the adrenaline tickling in through your body. A one place trek has valley climbing , rock rappelling and climbing.

Andharban Trek – 

Location – Pimpri , Maharashtra

Length – 13 km 

Difficulty – Medium

Valued at a reasonable price of almost INR 1500 and crowned at a height of 2160 feet, this is one exciting trip among the dense forest of Sundarban. Along the way you can see Bhira Dam , Kundalika Valley and many more.This place is filled with greenery around everywhere , pristine waterfalls cascading with a rhythm pervaded with rhododendrons. The pickup point is generally at FC Road and can be reached via public and private transportation. Pune Railway Station and Pune Airport are ways you can reach this. Starting from Pimpri Dam and ending towards Bhira Dam this trek is sure to make you skip a heartbeat and leave you with memories for an entire lifetime. Here also the best time is monsoon season and will truly mesmerize you with its dazzling beauty.

My job is done , now it’s your turn to go ahead and book a package. Create your own travel book of memories and this will surely be one of the finest pages!

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