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24 ideas for children

by janeausten

Are you still looking for small things as an Easter gift? We have 24 cute gift ideas that children will definitely be happy about!

An egg hunt is a big event for every child, best wearable blanket but every year it puts the creativity of the parents to the test. After all, nice little things should end up in the Easter basket and of course delicious chocolate. Here comes help in the form of a small guide with Easter gifts. We wish you a lot of fun between rabbits and eggs!

The Easter tradition – that’s what it’s all about

The Easter Bunny is the most famous symbol of Easter and all children await its coming with joy and excitement. But why is the rabbit so important? In the Christian tradition, the hare is not only regarded as a messenger of God, but also as a sign of new life and fertility. In the Middle Ages, during Lent, the Easter egg became a traditional symbol. The egg was also considered a sign of the newly emerging life and also a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. Over time, the Easter eggs were then “modified” as a reward for children. A tradition that has survived to this day.

If you still want to provide a bit of Easter decoration, just make the funny rabbit mobile!

24 gift ideas for children for Easter

“We wish for a lot of big colorful eggs for this celebration, look first here, then there and there, where the Easter bunny may have been.” Let them start the search! Whether it’s the classic chocolate egg or a fun toy in the shape of a rabbit… We have collected some suggestions for the perfect Easter gift for inspiration.

Special sweets for Easter

Chocolate is always possible! The chocolate Easter egg is a classic in sweets. By the way, the first specimens were currently produced by the Sun King King Louis XIV… Unbelievable, isn’t it? Loved by children, they are of course also highly appreciated by adults. Today you can find a thousand different variants in the shops. Between stuffed and decorated eggs, of course, you should not forget the chocolate bunny.

By the way: Perfectly packaged are small sweets in these simple rabbit bags.

Books with rabbits and other animal lovers

With Easter, spring is already here! So it’s time to read beautiful books that bring a spring mood. Our favorites for the occasion are of course all books that have to do with the Easter Bunny. Classics such as “Alice in Wonderland” are quite suitable for the Easter season and also for older children. Try the bilingual version!

Film tip for Easter: “The Bunny School” was wonderfully filmed and is now of course available on DVD.

Easter-themed games

The little animal with long ears is also the main actor in these funny games. But there are also great toys that make us think of spring: The sticky tattoos by MinMin Copenhagen awaken childhood memories. The tattoos are not only decorative, with them you can also play wonderfully. We also like the drawing egg from Grimm’s for a big portion of fun outdoors.

Fashion for egg hunting

Of course, fashion should not be missing when it comes to Easter. Although it does not necessarily have to be a festive suit or a special dress for the Easter brunch or outdoor baby swings the traditional Easter dinner, it can be a bit fancier on this day. These accessories add an Easter touch to any outfit.

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