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Useful Plumbing Tips for Spring

by janeausten

Spring is the transition between winter and summer. When there is spring, there comes the infamous spring maintenance spree. This is ideally the time for complete maintenance and renovation of all the equipment, problems related to electricity, issues related to spring, etc., because during the winter, the windows, doors, and all other things are not cleaned and servicing, cleaning, and maintenance activities are at a halt. Keep reading this article further; we will discuss a few tips that can be helpful for spring by a plumbing company in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Check your water supply valve:

There should be water supply valves at every place where a water outflow is installed. The main reason for having water supply valves is for the specific repair. Let’s say your toilet sink is leaking or has some plumbing problems. You can focus on the sink by turning off the water supply to the specific pipe or the specific area without turning off the water supply of the entire house. As the winter passes, their debris accumulates and creates sediments. The valves are sometimes damaged due to exposure to heat and cold consecutively. Before entering the summer season, it is advised to check the valves. Get them fixed by hiring any seasoned plumber in Rancho Santa Margarita if these are damaged.

Check for toilet leaks:

Toilet leaks can be a headache, making your water bills soar high. You can get it fixed by yourself or hire a plumber, Rancho Santa Margarita, in case of any toilet leaks. Most likely, the toilet leaks are hidden. There is a straightforward way to find out whether there is any leakage in your toilet. You can place a few drops of vegetable dyes in the water tank. After waiting for thirty minutes, if you found a color appeared in the toilet bowl, you have leaks in the toilets. This is most likely the case of a broken or old seal that you can replace easily. Sometimes it may be other reasons you may need a plumber’s help.

Clear the outdoor drains

Everything starts from the dried leaves, debris, and twigs accumulated in your drains and gutters during the winter season. During the winter season, the drainage cleaning work is temporarily stopped in many parts of California. Now that summer is coming very soon, and it is an excellent time to clear the drains; otherwise, it may cause the water to overflow or burst out. This also affects the pipe system of your home. If the water outlays is not free, it can cause an impact on the pipes inside the house. This can be easily solved by cleaning the outside drains and gutters yourself or hiring any cleaners. If there is leakage in the drains, you may need to hire a professional plumber Rancho Santa Margarita to get your job done.

Check the faucets:

It is less likely to have damaged faucets due to winter as it is in lower elevations in California. Still, there may be occasional freeze, and a cycle of freezing and heating may also damage the faucets of your sink and other water taps. In spring, you can check for any damage to the faucets. If there is any damage found, it should be replaced. The faucets which are interior can be easily traced for damage and fixed. It would help if you looked for outdoor faucets. If you found any leaks after turning on the garden hose, make sure to repair them or replace them with the help of any seasoned plumber Brea.

Drain the water heater:

The water heater is an electronic device, so it comes with its problems and requires maintenance. Over time sediments accumulate in the water heater causing it to function less efficiently. This also decreases the expected lifetime of your water heater. It is, therefore, advised to have regular cleaning and servicing of your water heater. While you are at it, check the water heater’s temperature setting. Set it at 120-degree Fahrenheit, optimal for all types of domestic uses- be it cleaning, washing hands and face, etc. It will also go soft on your energy bills.


These are a few tips for the springs. Many of these tips can be practiced by yourself; many need a seasoned plumber Rancho Santa Margarita. It is a good idea to get everything related to plumbing checked in the spring to have a hassle-free spring and summer.

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