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How to Choose the Right Wash Basin for Your Bathroom

by janeausten

Bathrooms look incomplete without “Outstanding bath-ware pieces,” and homeowners accept that basins, bathroom vanities, or bathroom countertops are focal points. Since there are several options, such as wall-mounted basins, countertop basins, pedestal basins, and more, it is important to choose one that is most suitable for the bathroom’s style.

This blog will be of great help to you if you are also confused about choosing a washbasin for your bathroom. This article highlights some key factors that you should consider when choosing a washbasin for your bathroom.

Choose the right wash basin by considering these factors

You Need to Identify Your Style

Remodeling your bathroom can improve the overall theme of your home and create an exclusive, trendy space that is unlike any other in your home. Thus, identifying the style of washbasin will help you add a royal touch to your bathroom. In that case, ask yourself whether you should choose a conventional cup, a time pedestal, or a stylish glass tray? Be sure to consider your budget before making your decision.

The Bathroom Size Must Be Considered

In choosing the design of the basin, it is important to consider the entire bathroom area. The size of the basin should be in line with the rest of the bathroom fixtures and fittings. You should also visualize the storage and counter space you would need on either side of the basin to help you finalize the design.

Choose the mountain for the basin

A powerful and integrated washbasin gives the space a smooth, elegant look. Choosing the right mount is crucial to achieving this. The flush-mount sink offers a sleek appearance, while the under mount sink results in a sleek, easy-to-clean countertop floor. The choice is yours as to what type of mounted sink you prefer for your bathroom.

Making the Right Material Selection

Nowadays, washbasins are available in a wide variety of materials, including ceramic, glass, resin, marble, and stone. Their functions are different as well. As an example –

  • It is possible to form countertops and sinks from solid surface materials that are either ready-made or modified.
  • It is possible to decorate enameled cast iron sinks to match any decor, and they are extremely durable and chip-resistant.
  • A glass, stone, and metal washbasin can be shaped and molded to fit any bathroom.
  • Currently, wood sinks are the most expensive alternatives available.

Choosing the Right Storage Option

Most bathrooms have a limited amount of space for towels, shampoos, and fingernail brushes. Changing your basin is a perfect opportunity to find more space. It serves the purpose of adding a finishing touch to the bathroom as a cabinet with a basin placed on top. When your bathroom is small, you may prefer a traditional pedestal sink.

It can be very challenging to choose a bathroom sink due to the wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles available. In this regard, the factors outlined above become very vital. Decide what kind of texture, finish, and colour you are looking for and choose from a wide selection of washbasins available at Etrro Sanitarywares.  Put a finishing touch on your bathroom with the help of Etrro Sanitarywares bath accessories.

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