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How To Choose The Right Toothbrush

by janeausten

A toothbrush has become more of an accessory than a utility these days. People often look for the prettiest one rather than the one with better functionality. Moreover, the categorization of toothbrushes happens as per the design rather than the softness of bristles or their grip. The consequences of this approach are visible in your oral health. It starts with a foul smell in your mouth, yellowness of teeth, and goes out to the decay in teeth and gums.

People who take their dental health seriously and visit the best dentist London regularly know how significant it is to choose the best toothbrush. It helps keep your oral hygiene on point and protects you from decay or other ailments associated with poor oral hygiene.

Tips For Choosing The Right Toothbrush

Dentist Reccomendations

The ideal way to find a better brush is to seek suggestions from your dentist. Doctors know the products better, and they can immediately list some of the best options, saving you from the daunting research task. Moreover, your dentist knows the condition of your oral hygiene better and can suggest apt options.


Bristles are the part of the brush that comes in contact with your gums, teeth, and other parts of the mouth. So it has to be soft enough to slide smoothly and not feel harsh against your gums. At the same time, bristles should not be too gentle to remove the plaque build-up perfectly. Keep these factors in mind and pick the brush with apt bristle length and softness.


People often leave brushing in between or cut the entire process short because they don’t feel comfortable holding the brush. If you do not want this reason to affect your oral hygiene, buy a toothbrush with a comfortable handle that you can grip for hours and clean your teeth thoroughly.


When we talk about design, we do not talk about the look or aesthetics. The thing you should look for in a brush is the size of the toothbrush head, handle and likewise. Choose the specifications as per your requirements. For example, pick a smaller size for children while a bigger one would do for adults.

Trusted Brand

There are countless toothbrush sellers in the market, but not all of them are reliable. You should buy the one your dentist London suggests or opt for a renowned brand with excellent market credibility. Never buy a sub-standard product at a lower price as it would cost you your oral hygiene.

Follow these simple tips to narrow all the toothbrush options and pick the best product to keep your teeth clean and healthy. No matter how attractive the toothbrush looks, never buy it for its looks. Give priority to the functionality, and if you get the pleasing looks with it, nothing like it! So go ahead, do thorough research to explore the best toothbrush for your oral hygiene, and replace your older one immediately.

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